Operation Dignity


Fulfilling its name and purpose, Operation Dignity fervently reaches out to implement the needs of individuals in the church family, organizations and communities. The Outreach always insures that the honor, esteem and the value of others are never compromised as they are served or assisted. Operation Dignity does not only focus on immediate needs, but it also works diligently to enable others to recognize their importance to God and their value to themselves and others.

Some of the projects and activities are; Helping Your Child Succeed In School, Understanding Your Rights as Related to Your Children and Housing, Health Fair, Abusive Relationships and Food and Clothing Drives. There were many activities that were learning times as well as fun times. Such activities; Personal Grooming, Floral Arrangements, Arts and Crafts, Holiday Dinners, Holiday Projects Movie Trip and Lets Just Talk Sessions, Friends Mentoring Program.