New Members

Our New Members Orientation Ministry offers a threshold to a wonderful beginning at HCCC. The primary responsibility is to orient new believers and new members in God's Word. The series of studies covers our beliefs and doctrines and acquaints new members with areas of service at HCCC.

In keeping with the vision of our Bishop, the New Members and Servant Leaders Department, in conjunction with the Christian Education Department, have designed a training track that all New Members will need to complete.

This training track prepares you to serve in ministry where your gifts, talents and skills can be fully utilized for the advancement of the Kingdom.  The vision of Bishop is that Servant Leaders will serve in ministries, assist in the day-to-day operations of the church and impact our communities for Christ.

The Servant Leader's Training Track to Serve is outlined below.
All New Members (and Current Members who have not completed their New Member Orientation Classes), will be required to take all three tracks prior to becoming active in ministry.

All Current Members (Members Active in Ministry), who have completed their New Members Orientation Classes, are asked to take Training Tracks II and III. The schedules for all Training Tracks are listed below.

Class Overview

Track I - New Members Orientation

  Saturday Only

   Six Classes  -   

To lay a common foundation of understanding and teaching for the new member pertaining to our Bishop's vision, our beliefs, doctrines, ministries and services.

These classes are also available on video Monday through Thursday from 9AM until 12:35 PM for members who cannot attend class on Saturday (Classes are viewed on site).

* Please note: there is no tuition fee for this class.*

Track II - Spiritual Gifts

  Saturday Only

   One 4-Hour Class   

To assist you in identifying your spiritual gift(s) and area(s) of service in the Body of Christ, a spiritual gifts assessment will be completed at the end of this class. (Class schedule listed below.)

* Please note: there is a $10 tuition fee for this class.*

Track III - Serving With Excellence

Saturday only

  One 3-Hour Class

To train members in the area of service, attitude, communication and conflict resolution. (Class schedule listed below). 

* Please note: there is a $10 tuition fee for this class.*

You must register for all classes at the Information Center before or after service on Sundays or Wednesdays. Also, you can register during the week from 9:00am until 5:00pm at HCCC. NO WALK-IN's will be allowed!