Missions & Outreach

HCCC is committed to being faithful to the Great Commission. Currently we serve in places such as Russia, Mexico, Africa, Israel, and inner-city Raleigh where we conduct crusades, Pastoral Leadership Training and Ministry Team Training, Medical Missions, etc.

HCCC Medical Missions delivers the highest standard of health care to impoverished and suffering people throughout the world in a manner that is culturally appropriate and clinically significant. HCCC Missions is a vehicle which allows individuals to provide care with compassion and humility to those in need. It is a catalyst that facilitates the establishment of global partnership based on mutual respect and genuine caring.

Our desire is that every HCCC member be "involved" in missions, either through financial support, faithful prayer, or actually going to the field. Every year there are several short-term trips available, as well as ongoing ministries in the inner city.

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Recent Articles
Jesus Revolution Asia 2009 - Report 4

The evening meeting was charged with the presence of the Lord. Many healings took place. A woman who had polio since she was 2 years old began walking and moving freely unable to do so before. A man had an injury from an accident and as a result was unable to move his arm for two years began moving it freely. A woman who had a breathing problem was jumping up and down and breathing clearly. A woman with back and leg problems was healed as were many with joint and knee problems.

Jesus Revolution Asia 2009 - Report 3

I wasn’t sure what to expect in this setting and how open the people would be to our ministry. After I spoke I gave words of knowledge and people responded very quickly. The front of this large Church was full of people wanting ministry. We saw several people with different nerve damage healed who were able to move freely without pain.

Jesus Revolution Asia 2009 - Report 2

The atmosphere was charged with the presence of the Lord. The expectation of these people is so high it fills the atmosphere. I preached on being fruitful, multiplying and filling the earth with the kingdom of God. After preaching I gave a call for people who felt called to the nations and the whole front of the auditorium was filled with people