Worship & Music

Our purpose is to be consistently and uncompromisingly God-centered and Christ-exalting in our corporate worship.  We press in, as one, in celebrating our joy, adulation, awe, and freedom to proclaim the attributes of the Holy, Uncreated One who has called us into intimacy with Himself.  As His Kings and Priests we sing new songs expressing the nature and attributes of His worth-ship.

The cry of our heart as a people is to pursue the call of Jesus in worship as we usher in the symphony of the coming age by breaking every boundary and shaking the earth with a sound that will command the harvest and establish HIS Kingdom.

Many opportunities exist for those who are gifted in worship and music.  Please let us know if your interest or passions lie in this area.  Practices are held Thursday evenings.  

Band………...… 6:00pm
Brass Section… 6:30pm
Vocals at…….... 7:00pm