Performing Arts


Mission & Purpose
To present the gospel of Jesus Christ to the widest possible audience through the medium of dance, drama and personal witness. To help in the restoration of dance as a worshipful part of the life of the Church, by exploring with congregations the part that movement and action can play in the expression of faith. To reach the audience and connect with the people of the congregation by keeping the focus on Jesus, involving them and having high energy while incorporating all types of dance: ballet, modern, lyrical, jazz, hip hop, salsa and more.

Dance in the church
God created all things. God is a creator and He made us in His image. Therefore, we are all creative. God has given to people giftings and talents-they need to know these can be used in the church to glorify the Giver. The human body is designed and made by God to move. Dance should always bring our focus back onto Jesus. Dance is a tool to worship Him, glorify Him, and bring people to Him as an answer.

Dance and Drama are excellent ways to reach all kinds of people especially the unchurched. Dance speaks in a very special language, both to the doer and to the watcher. It speaks of things impossible to put into words. You can convey thoughts, emotions, and ideas, just about anything through dance. It is a great tool that can help the Pastor to be an extension for what God is speaking through him and to demonstrate the vision.

Creative Theatre Arts Practice 
HCCC Creative Theater Arts Program meets Saturday's at 10am.  It's real easy to get started.  Stop by the Information Center, pick up the packet and turn it in to a servant leader.  Then join us on Saturday and get ready to have fun!