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The Spirit & Power of Elijah
Category: Series

Price: 25.00 USD


Author: Dr. John Sanger

Luke tells us that in the first message Jesus preached He speaks of Elijah and Elisha. Jesus describes the miracles they performed in their ministry under the power of the Holy Spirit. This two part series describes in detail the lives of Elijah and Elisha. The text is taken from Matthew 11 which calls for kingdom warriors who understand that the least in the kingdom are greater than all the Old Testament prophets. Jesus is looking for a generation who will move in the Spirit and Power of the Holy Spirit!

Series Includes:

     1. Prepare The Way
     2. Kingdom Violence
     3. Present Yourself
     4. The Whisper of God
     5. Battle Against Headship
     6. Elijah The Master
     7. Spiritual Warfare
     8. The Ahab Spirit
     9. The Fire of God
   10. Elisha Tested

Click Here to listen to Session 3 "Present Yourself"!