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A Better Resurrection
Category: Series

Price: 25.00 USD


Author: Dr. John Sanger

Hebrews 11:35-36 speaks of a better resurrection. There are two options for the believer in these passages. We can be content with a resurrection that comes on the far side of the grave, which offers little more than an eternal existence in heaven. Or we can obtain a "Better Resurrection" if we refuse to accept deliverance from the tortures of this life!

Series Includes:

     1. Levels of Glory
     2. Building The Church
     3. Born From Above
     4. Divine Consciousness
     5. Renewing The Mind
     6. Breaking The Outward Man
     7. Having Christ's Nature
     8. He Must Increase
     9. Professors or Givers of Life
     10. Light of the World

Click Here to listen to Session 6 "Breaking The Outward Man"!