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Living From The Spirit
Category: Series

Price: 25.00 USD


Author: Dr. John Sanger

God created man’s Spirit, not his soul, to be the source of his living. God’s dwelling place in man is his Spirit. When we seek to save and preserve the independence of our mind, emotion, and will, the soul loses its reason to exist. The soul is only to be a result and expression of its proper source, the Spirit! We must be born of the Spirit to see and enter the Kingdom of God!

Series Includes:

     1. Man's Spirit Is The Source
     2. Breaking The Outward Man
     3. Born of the Spirit
     4. Hiddenness & Manifestation
     5. The Mystery Within
     6. Enlightened Heart
     7.  Purpose of Revelation
     8.  Walking By The Spirit

Click Here to listen to Session 6 "Enlightened Heart"!