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We Would See Jesus
Category: Series

Price: 25.00 USD


Author: Dr. Maureen Sanger

Jesus was cleary Kingdom focused.  This series follows Him as He takes us from hunger for what we had lost to fulfillment in Himself.  You will travel the Emmaus Road and His and your Via Dolorosa.  You will not be able to listen and remain the same!

Series Includes:

  1. Triumph of the Ages
  2. Kingdom Heirs vs. Man's Government
  3. Advancing in Maturity "Hearing"
  4. Maturity to Full Inheritance "Superhighways"
  5. We Would See Jesus
  6. Jesus My Everything
  7. Triune Salvation
  8. Seven Last Words
Click Here to listen to Session 5 "We Would See Jesus"! 


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