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Joseph Generation Part II
Category: Series

Price: 25.00 USD


Author: Dr. John Sanger

There is coming a generation that will be made up of all ages that will walk in great faith on the earth.  The prophecy of Jacob releases the blessings of the Almighty which include:

5 Blessings on A Joseph Generation:

*  God will bless you from above!
*  You will be blessed from the depths!
*  You will be fruitful and increase!
*  You will excel and go beyond!
*  The high places are yours!

Series Includes:

1.  Strengthen Yourself
2.  Transformed Generation
3.  Joseph and Chaos
4.  In The Place of God
5.  Stronger Than Enemies
6.  Don't Fight - Dig
7.  Pass Through Weeping
8.  Joseph Authority


This is a two part series!  Check out Joseph Generation part I here!