Our Vision

When Higher Call was founded, there was only a dream and a vision. A few willing laborers who believed in the dream enough to invest their lives, set about to make the dream a reality. Though the church has grown in scope and size across the years, the vision still remains at the center of the ministry.

This dream that all people from differing backgrounds could come together to worship and make a difference in the world, becoming an example of what God desires for His creation on the earth. The poor, the rich, the educated, the uneducated, the young, the old, the American, the Asian, the African...all stand united under the banner of Jesus Christ. The dream was that all people, regardless of ethnic background or social, financial or political standing could come together before God and be One Blood. Today, this dream is lived out every week as red, yellow, black, and white join hands and spirits together in worship. And, many of them travel to the nations as part of the “Ambassadors Team.”

We also dream of bridging the gap between the many branches of God's church...The traditional church with the charismatic church, the liturgical church with the casual freedom of the Pentecostal church. We sing the grand old hymns of the church, but we also raise our hands in praise as the Bible tells us to do.

The many elements of this dream come together in the conviction that Jesus is Lord and King and His compassionate rule extends to every area of human life. In His name we minister this compassion to the troubled world...the AIDS patient, the teenager struggling with violence, people living in squalor and despair in housing projects, those with no homes at all, the rich man sitting alone in his lonely mansion, the warning tribes that inhabit the whole globe...all people who need to see a demonstration of what the Kingdom of God can really be like. We are committed to communicate this dream, this vision.