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"Knowing the Times and Seasons -- The Lord is Raising Up End Time Global War Generals"
The Season We Are in Now

It is so important to know the hour, the times, and the seasons we are living in. We are in a time of war, but the potential for war on other fronts looms before us as well. When you look at the earth, there are radical shakings in many places! Even in America, just years after 9-11, we realize there really is nowhere on planet earth that is safe. The Lord is moving with radical holy alliances to bring us, as men and women, into places of divine connections and moving into radical prayer and fasting. He is helping us to cry out for the fresh legislation from the heavens to bring it down from Heaven to earth.

It is: "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is in Heaven." We are in this dramatic, incredible time of history. What is so wonderful is that there is a changing and a shifting of the guards governmentally that is happening world-wide. I think it is important to come to the table and eat. So if we are looking at the times and the seasons we are in, we will see we are in radical shakings of the Lord. Every once in a while, we can feel that "volcano" under the surface.

The Lord is calling us into these houses of prayer all over the earth to begin to move into lives that are holy before Him, and crying out to hear His voice. "Lord, what are You doing over our cities and over our families and communities? Lord, we need to hear You!" We need to be able to legislate from Heaven and bring it down to earth. So as we are looking at the times we are in, my questions to you are this: Where are you positioned as a watchman on the wall? What is the Lord saying to you?

Generals of the Lord and the Military

What we are talking about is a shifting and a change. In the last few years, we have had several generals in the faith go home to Heaven. Dr. Bill Bright, who was an old war general, went home to be with the Lord. He moved radically in evangelism and with the youth. He also was a cutting edge man in media with the Jesus film, which was translated in languages all over the world, and he evangelized probably more people than anyone else. We then have Derek Prince, who moved as a revelation teacher and had a real anointing and revelation for Israel. Kenneth Hagin Sr., an apostle of healing, also passed away.

Billy Graham and Oral Roberts are two other apostolic five-fold ministers. We all know and love these beloved war generals. They have pioneered and broken through into global evangelism, teaching and healing. A few prophets have said that when these two old generals go home to be with the Lord, there will be a world-wide revival of souls with powerful signs, wonders and miracles following. But remember that revival and war are running mates, as the two governments of God and satan are colliding and fighting for the souls and passions of men.

Whenever you have several old generals going home at the same time, it is a governmental shift in the Spirit. So there needs to be that cry in you that says, "Lord, we want to move as radical apostles, prophets, teachers, evangelists and pastors. We want to mobilize the generations for global warfare with a radical passion and love for Jesus. Lord, we want to move with revelation on Israel. We want to be able to come up to the next step." In other words, when our forefathers go on before us, it brings all of us up to the next place.

The reality is that we are in a season of coming to the edge of World War III. Just like the Lord raised up Eisenhower, MacArthur and other mighty generals in WWII, He also will raise up officers and generals now of every nationality both men and women--for the hour we live in. Do you realize that even as children, these men played war games, and as they grew older, they also studied military books and strategies! They were ones who would watch the patterns and movements of the enemy and learned to strategize at a young age for global warfare.

I feel that in this time, the Lord is also raising up end time global war generals. This is part of what the Lord is doing. There is a shifting in the government of God. We are already beginning to see a shift across denominational lines.

Seasons of Shifting and Change

We are starting to see a shift across cities and nations. Part of this involves the capabilities of Internet and television. Suddenly, the Body of Christ is more like thirty-one flavors! Jesus owns the ice cream shop, and we know that He loves all of the ice cream! We are starting to love the Church with all the different aspects and personalities of the Body of Christ. While we are in this season of change, the Lord also wants to bring us up into the next places. So, how do we deal with the thought of global warfare on the horizon? How do we get prepared as men and women of God?

When we start to see the shakings--the financial shakings--and we start to see war looming, how do we deal with it? Let's bring this into everyday life. If we had been in Europe in 1930 and we were around twenty-five years old, we'd be thinking of getting married and having children. We would have had NO idea that suddenly Hitler would be on the scene in 1933 and that WWII would be advancing by 1937! Neither would you have known that during that period of global warfare, fifty million people would die--people who were educated, Western people, Europeans, Eastern Europeans, doctors and attorneys. You would have said back then, "This is not possible! This could never happen!" But it did.

I am telling you that we are in a place where there is going to be radical shakings. We are in a place where the heavens are going to move. Just like there is going to be great judgment, there is also going to be a great revival and a great harvest! The Lord is also allowing these judgments to stir people to be radically in love with Him.

The Prophetic Journey of Joseph, a Deliverer

I have such a heart to talk about what it really means to be a deliverer! What is the prophetic journey God takes each one of us on to prepare us to suddenly be a deliverer on the world stage? It is a "suddenly" of how God starts to position us, isn't it?

Psalm 105:16-22, "Moreover He called for a famine in the land; He destroyed all the provision of bread. He sent a man before them— Joseph—who was sold as a slave. They hurt his feet with fetters, He was laid in irons. Until the time that his word came to pass, the word of the LORD tested him. The king sent and released him, the ruler of the people let him go free. He made him lord of his house, and ruler of all his possessions, to bind his princes at his pleasure, and teach his elders wisdom."

So let's talk about Joseph. He was a young man. It says in Genesis that Joseph was greatly favored by his father and was given a beautiful multi-colored coat. We know the story well, and we know that this coat is really a reflection of the revelation of the multi-faceted gifting that was on Joseph's life. Joseph was a dreamer. He was also a prophet. He dreamed and literally saw his destiny, didn't he? But then, when he was given this coat and was so loved by his father, it made his brothers jealous.

You see, when you have great giftings, when you start to have dreams and visions, when you start to get your head a little above everyone else, the "brothers" and "sisters" will get jealous. Many times, it comes from those in the house of the Lord. All of a sudden, they see this special anointing and gifting that is on you, and they get jealous. Joseph then shared this dream of how all of his brothers would bow down before him, including his father. Have you ever shared something that was not in the right timing? You certainly learn after awhile not to do that! Why? Because it stirs jealousy.

In the story of Joseph, the brothers tore the garment, the robe of authority that was given to him by his father, and they threw him into a pit and sold him into slavery.

You see, this is part of the prophetic journey of a deliverer. A king can be put into place in one day, but the deliverer goes through decades of the fires of God to be trained in the prophetic journey. This happens so that when you are put into place, it will not only be the beautiful colored "robe" that you will wear, but that you will also wear a garment of humility and meekness with all the glory going to the Lord!

How to Handle Betrayal

As we know, Joseph was once again betrayed, but the Lord allowed it. Strategically, Potiphar's house wasn't the right place for where God needed Joseph. His garment was literally torn and ripped off. He was accused of being a immoral. How many of you have been unjustly betrayed or misunderstood, and your character has been assassinated? The Lord has even allowed that to test your heart. Are you going to be bitter or sweet?

We know that Joseph was in the royal dungeon, and once again, the favor of the Lord was with him. Once again, he was strategically placed in the royal dungeon, even though it took years to be brought out and put before Pharaoh. Pharaoh had a dream that none of the magicians could solve. Suddenly they remembered Joseph, who had interpreted their dreams, and he was brought before Pharaoh. He interpreted his dream and was given a "robe of authority."

I am talking about a garment change. I am talking about a shifting governmentally where many times you lose your title, you lose your place of authority, God shifts you, and you don't understand why you are being led away in irons. Or suddenly, you are wrongly accused. You have done a good job to the best of your ability, and suddenly you are put in the dungeon where you are forgotten for years. But the Lord has set this up strategically because if you are called as a deliverer and a forerunner, the Lord has to work His heart of humility in you.

There are two seats in Heaven. There is the judgment seat, and there is the mercy seat. When you have been wrongly accused, whipped beyond recognition, and you are bleeding from betrayal and assassination with false accusations coming against you, if you go to the judgment seat, the accuser will be there waiting. He will give you partial truth, and you will start to move in bitterness and anger. Your wounds will become infected, and you could be disqualified until you deal with your unforgiveness!

If you go to the mercy seat, and you cry out and throw yourself between the horns of the altar and onto the precious splattered Blood of the Lord, then your wounds will begin to heal, and the scars will begin to glow with the resurrection anointing of Jesus. It is as though you pray, "Lord forgive them, they don't know what they are doing," This brings promotion in the Spirit.

Then when you go to the city gates--being marred beyond recognition, looking just like the suffering Servant, Jesus, and glowing with the resurrection anointing from the Cross of the Lamb--then you can say, "Open up the gates! Open up the gates for the King of Glory! Open up the gates!" You can cry this out because you look just like Jesus!

So part of your journey as a deliverer and as a forerunner is the changing of garments. What season are you in? That is part of the divine strategy of the Lord--to kill us so that we look more like Him. The only problem is that it is a custom-designed death for each one of us. We don't get to choose how we get to die. We think it would be easier if we could choose our "death," but the Lord strategically sets it up for each one of us to deal with the motives of our heart, so that we love Him; so that we will be desperate for Him and press into Him--no matter what!

Jill Austin
Master Potter Ministries

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