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Yom Kippur--The Great Day To Be Covered
"We are living in times to examine ourselves, seek repentance and make restitution."

Yom Kippur Begins

Last week, we began the season of 5768 with the "Blowing of the Trumpets." YOM T'RUAH--the FEAST OF TRUMPETS--begins the season each year. Ten days later, God ordained the day called, "YOM KIPPUR, the DAY OF ATONEMENT." You might not be aware that Yom Kippur begins tonight at sundown, but all of us need to understand the importance of this day. We are not under the law of the Feasts. God's people operate in the fulfillment of these Feast times. We are a people that should move in forgiveness and release throughout the entire year ahead. We should be a people filled with compassion. Compassion leads us to miracles and healings. Let's ask the Lord to set us in His perfect order as we enter this year.

We are living in times to examine ourselves, seek repentance and make restitution. Kippur is linked with the word "redemption." Success occurs when we are centered in God's redemptive plan for our lives. By praying and seeking the Lord and allowing the Spirit of God to cleanse us, our vision becomes refined. We find in Hebrews an interpretation of the ritual of the Day of Atonement as a type of the atoning work of Christ, emphasizing the perfection of the latter by contrast with the inadequacy of the former (Hebrews 9-10).

Jesus Himself is termed our "Great High Priest," and the Blood shed on Calvary is seen as typified in the blood of bulls and goats. Unlike the Old Testament priesthood, the sinless Christ did not have to make sacrifice for any sins of His own. As the high priest entered the Holy of Holies with the blood of his sacrificial victim, so Jesus entered Heaven itself to appear before the Father on behalf of His people (Hebrews 9:11-14). We find that instead of outward purification, the Spirit of the Lord works on us internally, causing our consciences to be cleansed so we "see" clearly.

This is also known as "The Day of Covering Over." The name yôm hakkippurîm (more familiarly, Yom Kippur) is derived from the Hebrew noun kôper meaning "ransom" or "hush money" (Exodus 30:12; 1 Samuel 12:3). This is a day to honor the One who ransomed us and bought us back from the enemy's grasp. Instructions for Hebrew citizens for this day were described in Leviticus 23:26-32. It is the most solemn day on the Hebrew calendar, when atonement was made for the people. This is a day to be sure forgiveness is given and received. This HUSHES the mouth of the accuser. This is the day that the "work" of the past season comes to an end. On this day, most Jewish Israelis spend time in the Synagogue, going through a ritual of confession of sin.

There are two main words for forgiveness in Hebrew. One of them, soleah (as in Psalm 25:11), has to do with pardoning. But another, noseh (verse 18 of the same chapter), at its root has to do with carrying or bearing the sins away. On this day in ancient times, a goat was killed for a sin offering and another had the people's sins confessed over it, becoming a curse, and bore them away into the desert (the very name for this scapegoat in Hebrew has become a curse). The blood of bulls and goats (or chickens) cannot take away sins (Hebrews 10:4). Only God alone can provide the Lamb. Elohim, Himself, must provide the Kippur (Atonement), and be the One to bear away the sin. The last verse of the Song of Moses (Deuteronomy 32:43), promises that He will provide atonement for His land and His people.

Near the end of the Day of Atonement, Micah 7:18-20 is read in the Synagogues. This is an incredible passage. Hidden within it, we see God's plan for dealing with His people's sin, providing victory over it and Salvation: "Who is God like You, pardoning iniquity?" The word translated "pardoning" is the word for "bearing away." It is exactly the same word used by John the Baptist about Yeshua (Jesus) in the Hebrew translation of John 1:29, "Behold, the Lamb of God, who bears away the sin of the world!"

He will again have compassion on us, and will subdue (i.e. conquer) our iniquities. Only He, through us, can conquer our foes. "You will give truth to Jacob and lovingkindness to Abraham" (Micah 7:20). The word for truth is Hebrew emet, and the word for lovingkindness is hesid. Both of these words also are quoted in John 1, in verse 17: "For the Law was given through Moses; grace (hesid) and truth (emet) are realized through Yeshua the Messiah."

The Day of Atonement has become more and more prominent in these days because of terror and lawlessness. This day is called "the great fast" (Acts 27:9), or "the great day," or merely "the day." The Gentiles must recognize the power of the Day of Yom Kippur. We must lead the way for all of Israel to see His love, compassion and forgiveness. No man may come unto the Father but by Jesus, the Lamb slain to take away the sin of the world (John 1:29; 14:6).

At this key time--pray that all of Israel know the grace of the One who was sent to redeem them (Luke 24:27, 44-45, Isaiah 9). Also pray for an awakening in the Gentile world to the power of the blood of the Lord Jesus Christ (Amos 9, Acts 15, 28).

10-Day Prayer Focus to Release us into a New Level of Compassion and Power to Release the Captives:

Day 1: Read Matthew 5:1-12. Ask God for your heart to be pure as you pray. Read 1 Corinthians 14. Declare that the prophetic anointing will become pure and clear in the people of God you are associated with.

Day 2: Read Luke 11:1-8. Pray the Lord's Prayer. Pray this prayer differently. Declare the sounds of Heaven will release the will of God and penetrate the atmosphere that surrounds you and your region.

Day 3: Read Psalm 47. Release a hand clap and a shout to the Lord for the victory that is ahead. Read Mark 16. Miracles speak! Declare that signs and wonders will begin to come forth producing many salvations in the people of your area

Day 4: Read and Declare Psalm 60 and Romans 9. Pray that Christians around the world, including the believers in Israel, will fervently seek and receive their "marching orders" from Adonai Tzvaot--the Lord of Armies-and that we will receive HIS strategies for dismantling or nullifying those marching orders planned by the enemy for this time period. Pray that we will move in unity to His beat and in His timing.

Day 5: Read 2 Timothy, John 3, and Galatians 3. Bind the spirit of fear that this religion releases. Superstition controls many aspects of our lives. Therefore, much religion is based upon fear. Bind the spirit of fear controlling the individuals held in religious structures and decree that they will enter into a new wind of His Spirit.

Day 6: Read Acts 26 and II Corinthians 10. Pray for a new understanding of the concept of grace. Bind the demonic forces that are holding minds captivated to "work" and "law" mentalities.

Day 7: Read and declare Psalm 19. As you read this Psalm, make it a declaration that God's glory will come forth into your house, church, business, city, state and nation. The Heavens declare God's glory. Enter into Heaven's declaration. Read and declare John 20. Ask the Lord to breathe on you new and fresh. Release the power of forgiveness into every sphere you are operating in.

Day 8: Read Psalm 120. Declare that the foes of the Gospel will be overcome. May their captives be set free. Remember that you have the power to bless your enemies, but you must negate the word curses that have come forth from them.

Day 9: Read Psalm 121-122. Look up beyond your circumstances. Seek Him and ask Him to help you in the area that you need help. Declare that time, the sun and the moon will work on your behalf. Pray for Israel. Pray that a new sound arise in the land. Call forth the song of deliverance that is in the Heavens over God's first fruit covenant land. Read Psalm 81. Declare a revival anointing will come into the church you attend and revival praying will begin to occur. Blow the trumpet at the time of the new moon and declare that harvest will come to your region.

Day 10: Read Hosea 8. If you have a shofar, blow it three times. If you do not, use your voice as one and give three shouts of victory up into the Heavens. Ask the Lord to restore your shout. Read Ezekiel 3 and 33. Declare a new watchman anointing will fall upon you and that anointing will come forth corporately in your region.


Chuck D. Pierce
Glory of Zion Ministries

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