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Navigating Life According to God's Thoughts
From childhood we’ve heard, "God said, let there be…" and the world came into existence. We’ve read in the Bible that He "spoke" to people and helped them when they were in trouble. We’ve heard testimonies of how God "spoke" to people concerning certain issues in their lives. These are valid expressions of how God communicates with people. But what if you could hear the "thoughts" of God? This means that you become so "tuned in" to God that you can actually sense what He’s thinking! So, if this is true, is it possible to navigate your life by sensing His thoughts? Here are some things to consider:

♦ The word "thought" in the Old Testament literally means "plan, purpose or intention." In other words, the thoughts of God involve His kind intentions for your life (Jer. 29: 11; Eph. 1:9).

♦ God is constantly aware of you and what’s happening in your life (Psalm 40:5; 139:13-17). He has so many good thoughts about you that if He shared them all, you could never count them!

♦ God loves you so much that He wants to share His thoughts with you (John 16:13-15; 1 Cor. 2:9-16). God’s original intention was for you to represent Him and His character on the earth. The only way you can do that is to be able to think like He thinks.

♦ God doesn’t think the way you think (Isaiah 55:7-11). For those who may think that God wants to punish you when you mess up, I’ve got good news! Though God is infinitely just, He is also infinitely merciful. He looks for ways to show mercy and forgiveness toward you! (Ps. 103:8-18)

So, after learning what God thinks about you, how can you navigate your life?

1. God’s knows you better than you know yourself. This means He is able to guide you to what’s best for you and guard you from things that could trip you up later in life.

2. God has a wonderful plan that personally fits who you are…and it’s just waiting for you. This takes the strain out of a trial and error search for a career or purpose in life.

3. When you trust in God’s Son, Jesus, He gives you the ability to think like He thinks! This is not mental telepathy…it’s God living in you! He reveals to you how He can use the natural abilities He gave you to please Him and make a difference in the lives of other people.

4. Pay close attention to the "Navigator!" The Navigator is the Spirit of God who lives in all who place their faith in Jesus for redemption. As you study God’s Word and draw close to Him in prayer, He will instruct you, teach you and guide you…even with His eye (Ps. 32:8).

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