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Fall Outpouring 2008
Day 1 - Wednesday, September 17, 2008 

What a night!

Fall Outpouring 2008 has begun!

Our first night of The Fall Outpouring began last night with a powerful release of prophetic praise and worship. The energy and excitement level in the meeting was explosive. Several people said they had never seen or experienced anything like this, with several people ministering together under a powerful anointing of the Holy Spirit.

Pastor John called up Jim and Cyndy Osborne to release a word that God had given them. They were so overcome by the spirit that James broke out in spontaneous prophetic praise and was joined by Peter Dresser. Words of knowledge were given by Aaron Tomlinson from Colorado for problems with fingers, kidneys and lower back problems. A woman came forward saying she was unable to bend her finger due to a motor cycle accident, she can now do so. Lisa Dresser had pain in her thumb and said "God, it's my thumb not my finger!" She began to move her thumb and realized the pain was gone! Another woman who had pain in her fingers was healed and powerfully touched. Kitty McPherson (a relative of Aimee Semple McPherson) was healed of lower back pain!

Cyndy began declaring that God was going to give people boldness in the workplace and that God was even going to give miracles in these next days as a testimony to people. Pastor John called those people up who wanted the boldness and the crowd rushed forward and were greatly impacted. The family of a man who just had a massive heart attack in Ecuador called in on a cell phone and received prayer as everyone lifted their voice over the cell phone! A woman with an infant family member with a heart conditions came forward to receive prayer as well as a woman whose father has been battling with heart problems received prayer for her dad.

Kitty McPherson came forward and released a powerful word over America:

I saw America coming as Ruth, turning from other Gods laying at the feet of her redeemer. I saw Him put a skirt over her, I declare that God is going to turn America from the other God's she has served. She is going to come following the Holy Spirit, Naomi was a picture of the Holy Spirit forsaking all other Gods and coming and laying at the feet of her redeemer. Boaz was so honored that Ruth would do that, would choose him. If you could imagine our majestic Father being honored that we a nation that He loves would turn our hearts back to Him and come and lay at His feet. He will gladly put His skirt over her, He will gladly cover America again. He will provide mercy, truth and light. And I know this nation is going to rise not in her majesty but in the honor of her king of kings and lord of lords. I'm speaking to America come, come again, come for the first time. Come as a nation turned and lay at the feet of the redeemer to be covered by His sweet precious love.

Jim was able to deliver a powerful word that God had given him for Raleigh and the entire region:

Five Dimensions for this Region

First Dimension: "His Season"

The season you are in is not your season but Mine. My reputation is on the line not yours. Do not be concerned with what others think or say, they are questioning Me not you. When you understand that you bring completeness to me that is when I will complete you. There have been words of illness spoken over this region not by the unbelieving tongue but by those who are my kids. They speak words based on a knowledge given them, and that is the problem it is their knowledge.

My season requires no effort; the ground does not have to be tilled.  Your concern for this vineyard’s health is now my concern.  Your part is to just be still and enjoy the fruit of My labor. Watch the fruit fall off the vine, your part is to let me do Mine.

Second Dimension: "The Embrace" 

In this region you have been embraced by many that suggest their philosophy is the means to the end. I want you to understand their means has come to an end. What has been expressed as my plans are my son’s who thought they had position when I have possession.  You see I have not died yet and for my son’s to take possession I would have to die. They have confused their position with my possession.  They have controlled by position but I possess the House. I and only I have the legal right to operate as planned. I still am very much alive. This region embraced an idea and I NOW will complete it. A man’s name will not bring Me to you. But it’s you not any one son that will make this happen. If you are not concerned with who gets the glory then watch as I empower my kids.

 I will embrace this region with Love, Power, and Sound Minds.  The minds of this region have not been sound but now there will be a sound that will bring clarity to their minds. Love has returned in a manner that will confuse the locals. The power that will come will continue as it has in demonstration. What you have seen is nothing compared to what you are about to see.

Third Dimension: "The Sound"

You have waited to hear a sound from the heavens that would change your region. A sound that would bring leaders to their knees politically as well as spiritually.  A sound that would release My Glory. A sound that would shake My nation. That’s right your nation is My nation.  A sound that would awaken My kids.


Your very DNA has a sound that I have given you. Is not your blood, life? You’re very physical body has a sound I have given you. Look no further. You sing, "I Abide" so let me!  You sing, "Flow through me" so let me flow!  You sing, "Fill my cup" why have you only seen yourself as a cup, (a cup is too small to hold this).  But your belly is another thing. You are a river.  Your sound is a sound of a mighty rushing river, thundering through the hearts and minds of this region and nations.    

Fourth Dimension: "The Garden"

I had a vision of a garden divided into four parts. Each part was separated by four rivers. In the middle a flame burned unquenched by the water I ask the Father about each garden He shared with me that each part of the garden was for Himself, His son, His Spirit.  When I asked Him about the fourth part he said, "Don’t you know it’s yours"?  You see you have thought for all of these years that I completed you but you completed me.

And these four rivers that flow to the flame I asked what do they mean?  He stated they are Compassion, Tenacity, Passion, and Intercession. So what has come to your region is the Garden, the walk, the talk.  And by the way the garden is in you.

This has come to your Region. In the Garden I gave you the choice knowing very well you would want your knowledge rather than Mine. Even today My kids focus on their knowledge that keeps them from knowing Me.

The way that I will walk through your Region will call to My kids to once again be with Me in the garden. LET ME TAKE YOU THERE NOW!

You see you have thought I completed you but in reality you completed Me.

Fifth Dimension: "The Favor"

You have for so long thought that your performance would gain My acceptance. You believed if you labored in service, prayer, and your sustenance this would show Me that you loved Me and I would shower My favor on you.  I chose you before you new Me. Don’t you get it? I am the lover of your soul! You see that means your mind, will, and those uncontrollable emotions. Your thoughts, your feelings I know you!!!


Over the years this region has been given a belief system that kept them from my favor.  Here it comes!!! Look out kids!!! I am holding nothing back!!!  It was my son’s who did not understand Me that plagued your minds with the idea that your actions would bring about My reaction. But Now Know This!!!  MY reaction to this region will amaze the minds that are trapped in their own knowledge. My kids of knowledge will not be happy with My Kids of Favor. If you come into My house, My atmosphere you will be celebrated, you will be favored. My kids of knowledge stand outside My house furious that I give away My inheritance to this region. 

Here it comes!!! Look out kids!!! I am holding nothing back!!!

Peter Dresser then came up and tried to share but crashed to the floor several times. He asked for anyone wanting a fresh baptism of the Father's Love to run forward. Almost the entire crowd ran to the front and were powerfully impacted. Healings, words of knowledge and prophecy continued to flow like a steady stream of water.

Don't miss tonight as more ministers from around the globe will be joining right in with what God is doing here in our midst!

Day 2 - Thursday, September 18, 2008

Can't stop it!

The Outpouring is unstoppable here in Raleigh at Higher Call. The fire and glory is still falling and people are being powerfully touched and healed! Worship again was explosive as we declared King of Glory, Have Your Glory!

Pastor Maureen spoke about the significance of all the different ministries that have come together in this conference and the relationships that have been ongoing for many years. There is now a surge where the enemy has been pushed back and we are holding the line.

Aaron Tomlinson said that God wants to heal people with carpal tunnel as well as anyone with pain due to repetative motion. Also that God is healing the repetative motion in the body of Christ. that we are beginning to see a shift in "church as usual"

While people were receiving prayer, Lisa Dresser said that she saw Goliath coming against Pastors John & Maureen, and that she saw them take the stone and throw it and then the armies of Israel came in behind them and surged forth. The Lord is saying that because He is in you and you have trusted him there is a surge of the anointing coming down not only in the natural but also in the spiritual.

Peter Dresser said that he keeps having an impression to do cartwheels across the stage. He asked God do you really want me to do that? He said "No, but I want you to share." Peter shared how about fourteen years ago someone in his church was bringing his brother to church and was trying to describe what the service would be like and said "Don't worry, no one is going to do cartwheels across the stage." Peter said that that morning he had this overwhelming desire to do cartwheels and fought it, finally he couldn't fight it anymore and got up and cartwheeled across the stage. The young man turned to his brother and said "Well, I guess you will see cartwheels this morning"! Peter shared that he feels God brought that story back to him because God is pleased with what we are doing and that the government is in the hands of the Lord and the spirit of prophecy is finding its rightful place in the church.

Aaron shared a story about a pastor friend of his that lives in Dallas, TX who had been studying a lot about Maria Woodworth Eter and wanted to find a way to honor her. So he decided to do some research about her crusades in Dallas and found the address of one of her revivals. The land now houses an auto repair shop. He went to the shop and talked with the owner and shared how years ago there was a great revival on his lot. The owner said "That would explain the strange things that have happened here". He said that at times they would feel a gust of wind blow through the shop and there wouldn't be any windows open. They would also hear voices like a crowd. The owner of the shop came down with a very agressive form of lung cancer and was hospitalized. He was healed of cancer and in remission. The pastor asked the owner if anyone had prayed for him while he was sick. The man said that while he was in the hospital an older woman about 5ft 2 came into his room and prayed for him and said that everything would be ok. The man asked the hospital staff who the woman was and the staff said that no one had been in to see him. The pastor had a picture of Maria Woodworth Eter and showed the owner and asked him if she was the woman who had prayed for him. The man began to shake and said "This is the woman who came into my hospital room and prayed for me"!

Pastor John called the pastors forward to relase words of knowledge. Bryan Lamm shared how he was driving in for these meetings and as he got near Raleigh he felt the hand of God pull on his heart and God said that I'm putting a vortex on this house and I'm going to raise up prophetic singers. I'm forming a new wineskin and there's a cloud of glory moving into the house tonight. Everyone broke out in song singing "We give you glory, Jesus!" Connie shared that what we feel tonight will not be aborted. What we feel is going to go on and on and on and that the ground we are taking will not be stolen from us! Bryan says there is a fresh oil and anointing coming through the singers and prophets and that signs, wonders and miracles will be relased through our hands. God is birthing something tonight! All of the pastors move into the crowd and begin to impart. Everyone begins to encounter God in a powerful way. It looked like a bomb had gone off with bodies lying everywhere.

Pastor John called up everyone that is going on the Africa Missions Trip next month for fire and impartation! Bryan shared that God is commissioning the team for powerful signs and wonders on this trip. Lisa shared how earlier in the day she saw a bunch of feet at the front of the altar and asked God what is it? And he said "It's an apostolic anointing for missions"! People rush the altar delcaring "Here Am I, Send Me Lord"!

Pastor John calls all the pastors to the altar and has them line up. He shared that God showed him to impart what He has given him and Pastor Maureen to them.

Peter shared that God spoke to him and Lisa and told them to sow $3,000 into the Africa trip. He shares that there is an apostolic anointing on this trip and encourages people to sow into it. He and Lisa were supposed to go on this trip and decided not to and the very day they did, a specific region of Russia became open to them! He shared from Philippians 4 and the importance of sowing into apostolic ministry.

Jim Osborne came forward and shared a prophetic word that he received from the Lord:

The Resurgence in this Region

The past will bring you to your future. The arena of My heart embraces the passion of My kids. They once saw Me as their provider now they see Me as their Denier. The hearts of my kids turned when they thought I had failed them. How could that have happened? I asked Him, He said, "they lost sight of Me through the eyes of others who told them they did not meet My standards and isn’t it funny how they tell others to live My standards when they themselves do not." They hold up in churches hoping to hide out there thinking I will leave them alone.

I asked Him, What is Holiness? He said, "it’s funny that they want to be near me but they think I want this perfect child. They stay away because their conscience tells them they are ashamed. They have become crippled in their spirits by what they were taught not what they know to be true. The truth is even those who think they know holiness need to first learn wholeness. It’s not about a way of life but a way to My heart. You find this through your willingness to bring your heart to Me. I already know your heart I just want you to know, I KNOW!!!"

So what about the Righteous in this Region? He said, "Thanks for asking Me not many do. How right are we when we fail to see the hearts of My kids the way that I do. Even My kids are wrapped around this belief that I must have their undying devotion. Really what they want is you to be devoted to them. They confuse their rightness with My righteousness. Who are they? They’re the kids that stand outside My house refusing to come into an atmosphere of My presence just so they can say that they were right."

So where do we stand now? "My kids have died because of a lack of knowledge. I do not want them just knowing about me but knowing me. They can’t even see Me right in front of them. Their hearts have been so disfigured by the think-ologies of My kids. They see right as wrong and wrong as right. They’ve been dieing on My vine without any hope, any sense that I will rescue them. Their minds are so clouded by the truths of others they can’t see truth. And remember I love them but its’ truth that sets them free.

"There has come and will continue a motion of my heart that will sweep this region but it will start where you least expect it. This beat will set the tempo for this Region. It will restart the hearts that feel they have been forgotten. Then this will ignite a move that can not and will not be controlled.

 My kids have gone into a state of coma. They know there is a place in My Heart for them."


"The gift that resides in them and it is still there is being resuscitated. Know this, they will come to understand I am not just reviving I am empowering. Their gifts were put to rest. There are spiritual burial grounds across your region with stones marking the spot of death. Now the stones will be rolled away. I am calling Lazarus. I would have left Laz sleeping but it was the hearts of My kids that wanted him back. It’s funny he did more for Me after his sleep than before it."

"You have cried. You have declared My heart to your Region. This is unstoppable. The dead are coming to life. Come forth. Come out. Come alive. It’s you that I want to express My heart not another’s. Families will breathe again. Ministries will breathe again. Your region will breathe again. This nation is not on its’ last breath."

"The Church as you know it has thought they have accomplished so much when they reached milestones but miles are so short. This is not about what you have done it’s about what you are about to do. I am releasing My kids. What they did before will amaze even themselves. They will say, "Did I really do that?", "I said that", "I didn’t know that was in me"? Oh boy is it in you. What is in you has lain in a place of stillness for too long. You are the ones, you are the chosen, and you are the sound to this region.

Resurgence is you who were dormant and have been resurrected to become greater than what you were before."

Pastor John shared that there was a prophetic voice that prophesied that we would be dead within a few months and it happened. We have died and have become something new! Everyone rushed forward and broke out in radical, passionate worship! Pastor John prayed that this is our twenty first year as a church and we have kissed Laban goodbye. We are now stepping into all that God has for us. We are moving to Bethel, to the house of God, the demonstration of his power. A new wineskin, garments and anointing. We will see things in the skies in the next three months. Strage weather patterns, extreme changes in a day all this will be a sign.

Connie came forward and said she was hearing the words: New Beggining, It had to be, I made it so! Ferguson came forward thanking Pastors John and Maureen for everything and energized the crowd with a shout of praise: "Higher Call, It's Happening"!

Pastor John called all the West Virginia people forward for special prayer and impartation. Then anyone who was not originally from Raleigh as a representation of those people who God will be drawing into the house.

Lisa Dresser came forward and released words of knowledge for foot and back problems. Pastor John prays for people with vision problemsPeople respond are healed, and come forward to testify. A woman is healed of back pain, a young man's leg grew over half an inch, another woman could see clearly without her glasses!

The power, fire and glory is increasing each meeting of this outpouring. Come be a part of what God is doing in our midst! More ministers from around the globe have just arrived and will be with us over the next three days. Ryan Wyatt from Abiding Glory Ministries will be with us Saturday evening at 7pm!


Day 3 – Friday, September 19, 2008


Explosive worship!  Spontaneous Dance!


Worship lasted for over an hour as the crowd broke out in every kind of dance you could think of.  The children ended up on stage dancing.


Bryan Lamm came forward and declared healing in the house and favor is being stamped on people!  As he spoke many of the pastors looked like they were wading in the ocean as they encountered God.  He shared that during worship he saw Jacob taking off the cover of the well and declared that God was re-digging a well that already existed in this city and there is now a deeper magnitude of the spirit, like an artesian well, I see a well, a geyser, a tsunami of God.  Sheep are coming to drink.  Many shepherds are coming into this house.  The well is being uncapped and shepherds will come to this house to drink.


Pastor John called the pastors forward and some had to be carried.  He declared that he saw the fire of God fall on them like in the upper room.  Many crashed to the floor.  Upon recovery, the pastors moved into the crowd and began to impart.


Bryan called those who had been asking God for unusual favor to come forward.  Many people were impacted and soaked in the presence for awhile. 


Peter Noh came forward and shared that every time he sees Pastor John that he is a different man who keeps transforming every time he comes back to Korea.  He shared that the best names in America come to Korea and they keep doing the same thing over and over while Pastor John is different, he keeps transforming.  He shared that to him, the Korean people are the most hungry and thirsty in the entire world, and their passion is great.  He shared that he just prayed for a woman and her ear “popped” open and she could hear.  He said that as great as that is, he is not satisfied and wants more of God!  He wants to see the greatness of God.  He said that God is laying a new foundation at Higher Call, a Joseph Generation and in this foundation is the greatness of God!


Jim Osborne came forward and shared a word that the Lord had given him earlier in the day:


The Tide is Rising


Where do we take this from here, I asked Him. He answered, “In you (not in the systems that surround you) are the elements of the spirit that bring about change. That is what will always separate you from the others. Were I go, you go. You’re now that tent of change. Every moment of every day that you place yourself in a position of seeking for more of Me, that’s change. Every time you give me full attention things will change.


Fear Factor:


Change removes the fear. It’s been fear (a spirit) that has held you back. Fear has no rule over your Home, your Family, your Church, your Cities. Your region has seen fear stop the movement before but nothing will stop this. Will you stand with me? Will you stand with me? Look around you! Those that oppose your decisions they put fear on everything you want to touch. Today know this, you can touch it. It’s yours. I give it to you. No more will you stand the questioning of the few when you are many. You are a power that will force your environment to change. You will fear no more.


Freedom Factor:


Freedom is in the air. Breathe it. Smell it. Your days of lock down are over. Your days of imprisonment are through. Your days of lack end, NOW!!!. What has been spoken that stopped the freedom flow, dies now!!! Your words are the force that will rip through the vale that has clouded the minds of my kids. Clouded by false images of Me by those you came into contact with but stop and look and see what they bring you. It is death, there is no life in their words. But I must love them you say? What you must love is your freedom. What you must want is far greater than what any one man or government can give you. Freedom. Let freedom reign! Let the sound bring down the walls built by ideas that did not come from Me.


I am freeing, Families, Leaders, Nations, I am freeing anyone who calls Me out in front of the Nation and cry, “ He is the One”, “He is Freedom”. Doubt go. Despair leave. Today this house will walk in a freedom unlike anything ever seen before. This house is My House. These kids are My kids. These are My leaders from those whom you never see to those you do see leading you. These are Mine. Freedom will catapult them to a realm higher than they could image. I am He. Shout Freedom, Shout Freedom. Shout Freedom. Be Free.


Pastor John reminded us that the Pentecostalism fire started right here in North Carolina in the 1800’s.  Things are being ignited in these meetings.  Daniel Nelson shared that he saw a lion with a thorn in his paw and waves on an ocean and he heard the word “Dothan”.  As he looked up he heard God say “I have presented two wells in front of you”.  Dothan means well, it’s the place where Josephs brothers threw him into the well.  Joseph’s dream was ignited by being thrown into the well.  He said that God told him that this house would be a place where Shepherds would come to receive the depths of the well.  It’s up to us if we are going to drink from the well.  There is a refreshing here!


Pastor John invited the pastors that would be leaving to take the glory back to their churches tomorrow.  They each poured out their hearts of thanksgiving for our Pastors and for what God is doing in our midst here at Higher Call.  The crowd then came forward and stood at the front in support for the pastors as they received one final blessing and impartation!


The worship team then received a powerful blessing, impartation and prayer of protection.  The team crashed to the floor as they received everything being poured out.


The fire and glory is building each night and there are still two more meetings to go.  Come into the house and receive everything that God is pouring out in this hour!


Day 4 – Saturday, September 20, 2008


Passionate Worship!  Powerful Teaching!  Powerful Impartation!


Peter Dresser led us in an incredible time of prophetic worship as we all joined in one voice worshipping with all our hearts!


Ryan Wyatt shared about the different areas of ministry that he is involved in including ministering to children rescued from child sex slavery.  He then spoke a powerful word on The Kingdom, a favorite subject for us at Higher Call!  He urged us to preach and demonstrate The Kingdom and that God is going to raise up a militant bride to demonstrate The Kingdom through!  He shared how the supernatural is one way that the world sees a difference in us.  He also talked about a Civil War that exists in the church.  In the end people don’t want the glory or they do but their preference takes over and says “I don’t like it that way.”  He encouraged us to let the new wineskin form and to step into the deeper things that God has for us and not peer over the fence, never move into it and fall backwards. 


He shared that how on the eve of your greatest breakthrough, a python spirit will come and try to take it away from you.  It’s the accusation of people and the enemy.  Ryan shared that God told him to pray for and impart to us tonight and that He wanted to infuse us with strength like a wild ox.   He then broke the spirit of accusation over us as a people.  The people then began to passionately cry out in agreement.  This lasted for quite some time as God continually poured out His fresh oil on us. 


Ryan then prayed for everyone in the building for a fresh impartation.  It was a beautiful thing to behold as every single person was impacted powerfully as they received from the Lord!


Day 5 – Sunday, September 21, 2008


Worship was explosive as it has been every meeting of “The Outpouring”!


Peter Dresser ministered in the crowd all the while leading us in prophetic worship.  It was quite an experience to be a part of!


Vasanti Watkinson shared from Luke 5 how Jesus saw two boats resting on the shore but Jesus got into Peter’s boat and put out a little into the water.  She shared that as a church, we had come up on shore but Jesus has gotten into our boat and is now putting us out into the deep!  The crowd rushed forward as Vasanti passionately imparted to both Pastors John and Maureen.  She shared that our nets are going to be full!  “The building is too small!”  She then broke out in dance and worship and so did the rest of the crowd! 


HCCC church member Vanessa Maulet shared an encounter she had with the Lord.  She saw the numbers 11108.  She said that God told her to put $11 into the offering for Africa.  She saw a seed in a hand then planted into the ground and a tree sprung up and became full.  God said I will bless those who will plant.  The tree changed as she looked and was filled with gifts.  He said “I want to adorn them with gifts”.  Harvest season began the first day of The Fall Outpouring!  She saw leaves fall changing into blessings as God blessed His kids.  She then began to feel drops on her head all week, God said “It’s the dew that is going to fall on us”.  Our minds and hearts are experiencing the open heaven.  “Sow into this missions trip to Africa even as a mustard seed, I will use it.  I want your hearts, plant a seed that will never dry up”.  Deuteronomy 1:11:  May the Lord of your fathers make you a thousand times numerous and bless you as he has promised you.  Genesis 1:11:  Then God said, "Let the land produce vegetation: seed-bearing plants and trees on the land that bear fruit with seed in it, according to their various kinds." And it was so.  The land produced vegetation: plants bearing seed according to their kinds and trees bearing fruit with seed in it according to their kinds. And God saw that it was good.  Physically we plant monetarily but it’s the heart that God is looking at and is after.  The Africa trip is significant due to the elections that will take place and that we will be releasing something that will be changing the atmosphere!  As she finished sharing, she went crashing to the floor!


Pastor John then welcomed Christine and Joseph Gu from Seoul, South Korea.  They thanked Pastors John and Maureen for pouring into their lives and into the nation of Korea.  Christine shared that God showed her that the building you are in is too small!


Peter and Amy Noh shared that in our house there had been creeping vines and climbing vines and that this is a new season of climbing vines!  


Lisa Dresser shared that during worship she saw a glass forge and God spoke with her about Isaiah 54 and how He made the forge and that no weapon formed against us will prosper!  In a glass forge there is a tenderness being in the fire even when it seems hot God blows on us and forms us in this process.  She said that God is forming us corporately and individually into vessels to be used by the Master! 


Roger Webb who has a tremendous healing anointing on his life ministered and many came forward to testify of healing.  A girl who could not bend over without pain was healed.  Another girl who had lost her voice due to worshipping God instantly got her voice back!  Lisa Johnson gave us an update on the gentleman from Ecuador that we prayed for over the phone at the beginning of the conference.  He is much improved and is more responsive and will be visiting the doctor shortly for an update!  Another woman had swelling in her feet, received prayer and tried to tell us about it but was too overcome and went crashing to the floor.  A woman who had a stroke was able to walk up the steps and around the entire building! 

Several people shared how this conference was “The best in the history of our church”!  The ministry of the Pastoral Team that came together from Michigan, West Virginia, Florida, Colorado, South Korea and India were a visual model of celebrating one another’s giftings as they flowed in the waves of the Holy Spirit and unity in their love, friendship and commitment to the Lord and to each other.  We have been mightily blessed!