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Revival Fire
God always shows up at Higher Call but over the last weeks we have expereinced a tremendous outpouring of His spirit in our midst!

It all began Wednesday, April 23rd when a friend of one of our Latino members came to receive prayer for cancer.  An angel was seen standing behind the woman.  The whole row of people erupted in prayer and those who have already been healed of cancer had to be carried over to lay hands on the woman!  A chariot of fire is seen in the room.  Pastor John asked all the Latin Americans to pray for everyone and joy flooded the room!

Sunday, April 27th, there was a heavy spirit of repentance in the auditorium.  Pastor John tried to preach but felt strongly that there were testimonies of healing in the house.  People came forward to testify and because the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy, words of knowledge were spoken, and many come forward for healing and repentance.  Pastor John updated us on what is happening in Todd Bentley's Healing Meetings in Lakeland, Florida and how several friends of HCCC have been attending the powerful meetings over the last two weeks!  God gave Todd a word for supernatural debt cancellation to take place the following night.  HCCC members wrote down their debt amounts and a team of six accompanied Pastors John and Maureen to Lakeland the next day!

The Lakeland Meetings are full of fire, power and life-changing miracles!  On Monday, April, 28th, our team witnessed dozens upon dozens of creative miracles.  People getting up out of wheelchairs, degenerative disk disease healed, deaf ears opened, blind eyes opened, tumors immediately shrinking away (for more visit or  Pastor John brought a printout representing all of HCCC's members debt into the arena and received the prayer and annointing for everyone!  Tuesday night's miracles topped Mondays and at the end of the meeting our team recieved impartation from Todd Bentley for the annointing to see into the supernatural, visitations, and to take this revival back to HCCC!

Wednesday, April 30th the fire was brought back from Lakeland and imparted into HCCC!  The team testified to what they experienced in Lakeland and HCCC responded with everyone rushing forward to recieve the impartation and soak up everything they could get!  We joined the Lakeland meetings via internet and cried out for unsaved loved ones.

Friday, May 2nd.  Friday evenings at HCCC are reserved for the youth but that didn't stop people of all ages showing up to worship together as we again streamed the meetings in Lakeland via internet.  Pastor Maureen had a powerful encounter earlier in the day and shared what she experienced.  (click here)  Pastor John shares a vision that Pastor Aaron Tomlinson (friend of HCCC) had earlier in the day. (click here

Sunday, May 4th. Josh, who plays keyboards in the worship team, had broken his arm only days earlier.  While playing with only one arm, God instantly healed the broken arm!  Ruth, overcome with joy at what God had done, jumped up and down and realized all the pain in her left knee was gone!  Many more came forward to testify that they are healed with no one even laying hands on them!  Pastor John called Chris, Daniel and Debbie up to share the visions and words that they received from the Lord! (click here)

Tuesday, May 6th.  Todd Bentley called all of the Latin American pastors forward for impartation declaring the fire is about to break out all over Latin America!  Pastor John is in Costa Rica as a guest on a Christian television program for three days!  The first show was aired live and we have already received calls here in North Carolina from people who have watched the program and are being impacted!  The program will be aired in 56 countries and available to the entire world at

May 16th - June 7th.  Pastors John and Maureen travel to Vladivostock and Usserisk, Russia and Seoul and Daejeon, Korea.  Healing and Fire poured out in mass at every meeting.  Take a moment and read the reports directly from the field and be blessed, changed and baptized with fire!  Click Here for Russia.  Click Here for Korea.  Click Here for pictures!

June 19th - 20th.  Pastors John and Maureen traveled to Detroit, Michigan to impart more fire and miracles at Pastor Peter and Lisa Dresser's Metro Detroit Chrisitan Church!  Click Here for healing testimonies!

June 26th - 28th.  Pastors John and Maureen and Daniel Nelson traveled to Pueblo, Colorado to impart more fire and miracles at Pastor Aaron and Julie Tomlinson's New Day Church!  Click Here for a report and healing testimonies!

June 29th.  HCCC Member Alexandra Alexander states:  On Sunday when we were worshipping, I saw Jesus, standing in His heavenly, universal place of authority that I can't explain, and He heard the sound we were creating, and when He did, I heard someone else ask Him "When the Son of Man comes, will He find faith on the earth?"  and Jesus responded in a voice with certainty and absolute conviction "YES!"  We are one of the reasons for the yes, because of the faith released by our praise!

July 6th.  Pastor John declares that something is going to break out among college and high school age kids.  Everyone stands and begins calling out for 100 young people to be powerfully impacted by the Spirit of God.  Twenty Seven young adults come forward and the church prays over and cries out for them.  This goes on for awhile as a powerful time is spent in the presence of God with these young people.  We cried out for specific young ones who are messed up with drugs and far from God.

July 11th.  Pastor John called the interns up and asked them what they were seeing.  Pastor John ties it all together saying that Jesus is going up like a rocket, dead things, issues are coming alive.  Everyone jumps and prays for dead things to be awoken in us.  Many people smell a sweet aroma in the air and healings being to take place.  A young man had a pain in his foot due to a tick bite - it's now gone.  Two other women with foot pain now have no more pain.  Two women with back pain now have no more pain.  A woman who has a Thyroid disease felt a goiter moving now has no pain and will go to the doctor for confirmation.  A 37 year old woman who has had scolosis since she was 13 years old and metal rods placed in her back received prayer because one of her legs was shorter than the other.  As soon as the leg grew, she felt something pop in her back and she immediately stood up and was able to bend completely over and toch her toes with the metal rods in her back! 

This anointing is for anyone who is hungry.  God is moving, breathing on us, expressing Himself, revealinig His glory and holiness, and touching broken people.  Don't miss what God is doing in this incredible hour!  Grab a sick or unsaved loved one and get in the presence of God at HCCC!  If you desire an impartation of faith that God's healing and miracle working power can operate through you and touch those around you, come and join us!

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