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Pueblo, Colorado Fire!

We had a healing and miracle service last night and I was so jazzed about how the Lord moved that I just had share it with you.

We had a number of testimonies of people healed of minor ailments and several people were just overcome by the power of God during the worship, but there were a couple of dramatic things that took place that were really cool.

I had a word of knowledge about someone having pain or ringing in the left ear. I gave a few others words and so several people responded.

I kept asking who had the pain in the left ear and finally a woman who had never been to our church before responded. She had this confused look on her face and asked me "how did you know? who told you?" I laid hands on her and instantly the power of God shot through her.

She fell out in the Spirit and looked dazed and confused. She was lying there and kept saying "what did he just do to me?" A couple of ladies on our ministry team explained things to her and kept ministering to her. When it was all said and done, she was totally healed of all the pain in her body. She also had her shoulder healed as she could not move it before. She had just had an MRI done that day but won't be needing surgery now as the Lord has healed her. She came to me at the end of the service and said, "I have never in all my

42 years seen anything like this. What is this?" Anyway, two ladies on our team led her to the Lord and she said she would be bringing her husband and five kids Sunday!

Another lady came for prayer who had a cane and really could barely walk. I was told later that her pain was so severe that at times she would have to be carried. The power of God hit her and she got up dancing. She ran all over the sanctuary shouting praises to the Lord who had just done a miracle for her. The place just really went nuts after that. Her son was there and witnessed the miracle. He was weeping.

We had a time of prayer for impartation and people were experiencing the power of God laying on the floor. Many were laughing, some were weeping, others were just lost in worship. Most everyone was receiving glitter and many people were having a fragrant oil appear in their hands.

I think what blessed me the most as a pastor, was that most of the ministry came through the team. It definitely was not about just a man and his gift but I think we are really starting to see in Pueblo what can happen when the body is equipped and released to minister to itself in love.