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Fowlerville, Michigan Fire!
Check out the awesome reports coming from Roger Webb as he is ministering in Fowlerville, Michigan!!

Fowlerville Michigan
Place of Refuge Ministries

Meetings are extended though Saturday night March 7!

1. A 9 year old gorl born unable to breathe through her nose!

A 9-10 year old girl from birth has not been able to breathe through her nose. I asked the Lord to open her nose then all of a sudden she said " I can breathe though my nose, I can breathe through my nose! She stood up ther showing everyone how she can now breth like this. She then said that because of this she has been able to taste since birth as well. I then asked the Lord to give her taste buds. I asked if someone had something very low in odor to bring it up here so we can test this out. As she smelled a joyfull expression came upon her face and smiled and said "I can smell". People keep bring things up for her to smell. This was confirmed by her parents as they stood there beside her.

2. Man had his hand cut off!

A man that had had his hand amputated at the wrist in 2006 the doctors were able to sow it back on but it left his hand with numbness in it. I prayed for him and the feeling returned back into it. While he was standing there telling the crowd how he now has the feeling back I reached down and pinched his skin and he quickly pulled his hand back because he FELT it!!! As he was standing there instantly he was healed of a neck condition as well. There he stood with an excited look on his face with a pain free neck and feeling in his hand.

3. Woman w/right side leg, hip & back pain power of God came on her then all of a suden all the pain left her body.

4. Woman w/ cancer cames forward I lay hands on her, suddenly the peace of God comes on her then all of a sudden the power of God hits her then she begins to shake. The pain where she has the cancer leaves her chest. She shook under the pwer of God for about 20 - 30 minutes.

5. Woman -I lay hands on her the power of hits her all pa leaves her back.

6. Jackie - after prayer her bones start popping and feeling a clicking taking place in her neck then all of a sudden all pain leaves.

7. Rose - has pain in shoulders, I lay hands on her then all of a sudden she felt a clicking taking place in her shoulder then all the pain was gone!

8. Kim - felt tingling in her body & heat in her back. Was in pain all the time then all of a sudden her back started to cracked and popped then instantly all the pain was gone!

9. Bobbie - back sore & rheumatoid arthritis, after prayer all the pain just left! On top of that she was healed of a knee condition as well. She did not even ask for prayer for her knee. When the power of God hit her He took care of it all.

10. Joyce - has been having blackouts. As soon as I prayed for her she began feeling the peace of the Lord. Then strength came into her and was able to walk without being wobbly" She was so excited!

11. Patt - rheumatoid arthritis - The power fof God began to touch her as she was sitting in her seat. She came forward and testified that she can now clap her hands without any pain what so ever. Flexibility came into her hands and was able to clap without any pain, As she was demonstrating to the crowd how she can now clap she the power of God came on her again and suddenly was instantly healed of a neck condition. What a surprise to her how the miracles are so easy.

12. Jeanette - lots of stuff going on in her body & has physical pain. Began to feel waves of the Holy Spirit moving thru her body.

13. Amber - ulcerative diverticulitis - felt power of God in her stomach..... WOW!

14. Man with intestional pain & back pain ...... gone!

15. Roger called Pam out of her seat. She testified that earlier that morning she wrote some things down and in her prayer to the Lord, she said she wasn't asking for prayer; however, if God called her out of her seat, she would go up.

16. Woman came forward for prayer, power of God came on her, arthritis pain left her body, instantly healed of carpel tunnel, knee pain and a large lump on her back started shrinking.

17. leg pain instantly healed!

18. a woman w/emotional trauma since childhood - healed

19. woman back pain healed

20. woman who has back adjusted praying that it would stay adjusted so she wouldn't have to have it done again. Right tehn and there the power of God came on her and HE supernaturally adjusted her back!

21. man w/ chronic back pain began to feel tingling all over. All pain left standing right there as I prayed for him.

22. John - chronic back pain since he was 18 was healed while standing in line to be prayed for!

23. man w/ neck & lower back pain was a little sore but always is the worst when he's trying to sleep - stated he "feels the lory of God on him" When I prayed for him the Glory of God came onto the sceen and now the rest is history!

24. woman wants spiritual, emotional & physical healing all over. I pray for her then he power of God came on her ...... well I guess you can by now you know what happen to her by all these other testimonies!

25. Man w/lower back pain was getting better but it still hurt. He felt like God was inside him. His back was still bothering him but he had a one-on-one encounter w/ the Lord. Later in the day at the next service he accepted Jesus as Lord & Saviour over the phone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

26. Other miracles were taking place during this service that was not written down. To many miracles to keep track!

27. Jim - knee, hand & back pain HEALED!!!

*3/1 Evening service*

28. Carol B. jump out of her seat runs forward while I am speaking with this very excited look on her face and testified that she just realized God healed her mouth from this morning's prayer for a dental miracle. She had pain and was not able to chew on the right side of her mouth, but now she can chew on that side of her mouth with no pain!

29. woman healed from arthritis

30. Jesse A. - foot pain healed!!!!!!! Took of Running and jumping around the church.

31. Doctors told her she would NEVER be able to do this!

Woman had not been able to stomp her feet for 30 years and was not supposed to be able to run…but she did!!!!!!!!!!!!

This woman had a surgry 30 years ago. Most people that has had this surgury did not even live afterwards. Then those who did survie it would not be able to walk properly and be able to lift there feet. While sitting in her seat the power of God came on her, it surged though her leags and feet. She started lifting her feet and stomping them. She came forward and keep saying you don’t understand the doctors told me that I will never be able to do this. She walked all around showing everyone what the Doctors told her she would never be able to do!

32. Pat - neck healed

33. Sandy - spine & foot pain healed

34. Lady w/arthritis for many years - one hand & fingers freed up!!

35. man w/arthritis - pain left

36. A woman had total healing from arthritis over the phone!!!!!!

37. Jeanette felt her spine popping when Roger was praying for a woman

38. Woman w/low back pain - felt the hand of the Lord on her back & the pain went away!

39. elderly man - felt the joy of the Lord; was asking for prayer for loss of memory

40. Woman w/ walker due to severe arthritis and aneurism was able to move her legs & they were limbering up. She was able to move one of them under the chair she was sitting in and she couldn't do that before!

41. Diane. - back started feeling better & had better movement. The pain left & the neck pain was loosening up.

42. woman w/gout had shooting pains - started feeling better

43. woman w/ hand pain had no feeling in it started to be able to feel

44. Young girl w/bipolar - doesn't feel sad anymore!

45. woman w/mental illness delievered

46. Diane. - bipolar - felt the Lord heal her mind & her depression is gone!

47. Woman w/cancer - sides hurt, breathing in the Lord & believing He told her He's healing her. Started feeling the power of the Holy Spirit going thru her every time she would breathe.

48. Shannon - endometriosis, leg pain. Leg pain GONE!

49. Man w/ back pain feels better. Roger had the kids pray for him. His elbow was hurting & the Lord took the pain away!

50. Todd . - fell several years ago & broke his back. He was was instantly healed!!!!!!!

51. man w/knee problems & arthritis healed

52. Austin left knee pain gone!

53. Woman w/cancer - stated God has been healing her. She was slain in the spirit

54. man w/pins in ankle from break - was walking better after prayer

55. man w/ back pain - healed!!!

56. Man w/neck & back pain - HEALED!!!