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Jesus Revolution Asia 2009 - Report 4
by Pastor John Sanger


The conference was sponsored by Agape Seminary in Daegu. This city is one of the four largest cities in South Korea. We started with the afternoon meeting and a full house of people who were very passionate for the move of the Spirit. After speaking I invited those who were Pastors and students from Agape Seminary to come forward for prayer. It was a wonderful time of ministry for these leaders who are crying out for revival in their cities. Several Pastor’s had traveled from other cities to be a part of these meetings. It was evident that the fire of the Lord impacted their lives and that they will move in a greater measure of the anointing in their ministries.

The evening meeting was charged with the presence of the Lord. Many healings took place. A woman who had polio since she was 2 years old began walking and moving freely unable to do so before. A man had an injury from an accident and as a result was unable to move his arm for two years began moving it freely. A woman who had a breathing problem was jumping up and down and breathing clearly. A woman with back and leg problems was healed as were many with joint and knee problems.

Tuesday was filled with many more healings as the power of the Lord was present. There were also times of great impartation as people were being filled with a fresh anointing of the Holy Spirit. At times people were laying all over the building under the presence of the Lord.

Wednesday was a time to focus more on releasing the people in what the Lord has given to us. In the afternoon meeting we prayed for everyone in the building. It was a privilege to lay hands on everyone and see the presence of Jesus being released in them. These three days passed very quickly and in each meeting the people were passionate and open to everything the Holy Spirit was doing.

Jon and I left the meeting in the afternoon and were driven to the train station to travel to Seoul. We just made the train and settled in for the 2 hour train ride. We were picked up and taken to the hotel near the airport to get ready for our trip to Russia.

RUSSIA JANUARY 22-26, 2009

Thursday morning we were picked up in Seoul at our hotel by one of the Pastors from Seoul. She had arranged to pick us up because she wanted to give an offering for Russia. It is always amazing how the Lord provides for these trips. When we returned to Seoul the next week we were told by this Pastor that she had received a 20 times increase from what she had given for Russia.

We departed for Russia with great expectation to see our friends and what the Lord would do in our time there. During landing I was looking out the window at the snow covered land when the Lord spoke something strange to me. He said that there would be a strange and powerful storm that would come as a sign of the power of His presence He was releasing to this region. He said it would snow and thunder and lightning at the same time. We were picked up at the airport by Pastor Sasha and Ira and members of his Church.

The conference was for Pastors and leaders who had come from many different places to be a part of this time together. A very strong presence of the Lord was in the place meeting the hunger of these leaders. What a joy to minister in this setting and know they will take the training they received into their Churches. The Lord has given us a great influence in this region.

Following the meeting we went to dinner at a local restaurant. Upon leaving the restaurant there was a strong blizzard. We were able to get into the car but it was difficult to see as we drove to the hotel. It was an exciting adventure and as we were driving it was thundering and lightning while the snow was pouring down on the city. The Lord had spoken and now it was happening as a sign of a great release of His presence.

We had one meeting Friday and then three on Saturday with the leaders. I spoke on the Joseph Generation and what the Lord is raising up in this generation. The atmosphere was charged at each meeting and many were healed during each meeting. We ended Saturday evening by laying hands on all the Pastor’s and leaders for an impartation of the Holy Spirit. They received quickly and the power of the Lord was strong on them.

Sunday we spoke at Pastor Sasha’s Church. The building was overflowing and people who had even rented a bus to come. The expectation was strong as faith filled the room. In the afternoon we traveled to Vladivostok for a service. In both meetings the Holy Spirit moved in great power. The word spoken connected with the faith of the people and miracles and healing as all over the building people were healed and refreshed.

We ended Sunday having dinner with the leaders from Pastor Sasha’s Church. They asked questions and we enjoyed a great time of fellowship. These four days were filled with the presence and power of the Lord. Miracles, signs and wonders took place in each meeting. Equipping was a major factor which is one of our major desires. Freely we have received and freely we give. We look forward to our return to Russia in June.

SEOUL JANUARY 27-30, 2009

We returned to Seoul Monday and began meetings Tuesday. Two Baptist Churches joined together. The Pastors were very open to the moving of the Spirit and had a strong desire to see the new wine released in their Churches. The worship was passionate and you could actually feel the hunger of the people. During these meetings many were healed and touched by the Holy Spirit. We also met a wonderful Pastor from India who was finishing his Doctorate degree. He shared about his life, family and ministry in India as well as giving an invitation to visit his country.

Thursday and Friday were at Seoul National University with a group of young people led by Joseph and Christine. It was a great time and I was able to challenge and invite them into an encounter with Jesus. I was reminded by the Holy Spirit that it was here at Seoul National University that the revelation of the Joseph Generation was first given to me. This was a powerful reminder which was accompanied by a great refreshing of the Holy Spirit.

This trip was filled with many signs and wonders. His strength was great to keep us for such a long period of time. We did 46 meetings in 27 days and visited 6 cities and 2 countries. This was a great beginning for 2009. This was definitely a time of increase of the Lord’s presence and power. We look forward to the months ahead with assurance and expectation for greater things. Thank you for your prayer and support for this mission trip and the people of South Korea and Russia are very grateful as well. Many, many testimonies have been given of salvation, healing, financial breakthrough, deliverance and impartation that we have not included in these reports because of time. Our hearts are thankful and humbled to be a part of these times. We have a front row seat to the wonders of God and we believe His promise of increase to continue. 


Pastor John

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