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Jesus Revolution Asia 2009 - Report 3
by Pastor John Sanger

We arrived in Busan Thursday afternoon and had lunch with several of the Pastors sponsoring this conference. Most were Baptist and a few other denominations. They expressed their desire to have a great conference and for the Holy Spirit to move. The conference is being held at the largest Baptist Church in Busan. The first meeting had a wonderful time of worship with a young group leading.

I wasn’t sure what to expect in this setting and how open the people would be to our ministry. After I spoke I gave words of knowledge and people responded very quickly. The front of this large Church was full of people wanting ministry. We saw several people with different nerve damage healed who were able to move freely without pain. One man had nerve damage in his neck and down his arm from an accident. He was healed and is now pain free. Many people with arthritis as well as back and spinal problems were healed. At the end of the meeting I was ready to leave and someone brought a young girl 10 years of age who was totally deaf in her right ear and partially deaf in her left. I touched her ears, clicked my fingers and immediately she could hear clearly in both ears. What a wonderful ending for the first meeting.

In the Friday afternoon session I taught how to receive words of knowledge and had people in the crowd come to receive words and had them minister for people who then received healing. It was a first for most of the people. We then ministered to several people with heart problems, back and shoulder pain who testified they were healed.

Friday evening I spoke of Isaiah and his direct encounter with the Lord. The place was overshadowed by the Holy Spirit and people had powerful encounters. Two Methodist Pastors and their wives drove for 5 hours to be at this conference. The Lord touched them and the wives fell on the floor and were having a great time. They were shaking like the Methodists of old. Several people testified of visions they saw in the meeting and most for the first time. As I was leaving a mother brought her young son to me as I walked down the aisle and said he has a tumor on his leg. I bent down and laid hands on him and felt the Holy Spirit touch him but didn’t know what happened.

In the Saturday afternoon meeting as I was ministering to people the same young boy came running up front and was saying something but I didn’t know what. Then someone said his leg was shorter and we sat him in a chair and his leg grew and inch immediately. As his leg was growing he said he felt like someone was pulling on his leg. His mother testified in the next meeting that when he went home after and during the night he felt something happening in his knee where the tumor was and that the tumor had disappeared.

In the same afternoon meeting three deaf people received their hearing and several people with crippling conditions were healed and moved freely. The final evening meeting was charged with expectation. After speaking I prayed for over 40 Pastors and then all the worship people for a powerful and fresh move of the Spirit. People were laying all over the front of this Baptist Church. Many people starting crowding around for healing. Several legs grew and we had them set in chairs and all were healed. One older woman was yelling as her leg grew out. It was a powerful time as people were being healed all around us. It was wonderful to see and be in the middle of. This was another powerful conference. The Lord did wonderful things.

Sunday morning I spoke at a Baptist Church that was not on the schedule but the Pastor insisted I come to his Church. His wife had a vision of Jesus telling her I would come to their Church. We had a short time but a powerful presence of the Holy Spirit moved on the people. We left quickly and headed for a short lunch and then to a second Baptist Church for an afternoon meeting. Two Churches joined together for this meeting and it was a great experience. The Lord gave several prophetic words for the Pastors and others. People said the words were exactly what they were experiencing and they felt the Lord giving direction for their ministry. We prayed for everyone in the Church before we left for the train and boarded around 6:30 pm for an hour train ride to the next city.

We start the conference here Monday afternoon. It was suppose to be Monday evening with the day for rest but they added another meeting. We do two meetings for 3 days and then travel by train to Seoul and depart for Russia early the next morning. Thank you for all you prayers as we feel them.


Pastor John

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