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Jesus Revolution Asia 2009 - Report 2
by Pastor John Sanger

We started the Agape Conference in Seoul on Monday evening. The auditorium was packed and people were standing. The atmosphere was charged with the presence of the Lord. The expectation of these people is so high it fills the atmosphere. I preached on being fruitful, multiplying and filling the earth with the kingdom of God. After preaching I gave a call for people who felt called to the nations and the whole front of the auditorium was filled with people. The power of the Holy Spirit came on them mightily and many saw visions of where the Lord was sending them. Also gifts of healing and miracles were received.

Following this call many words of knowledge were given and people were healed. Over 200 people testified of back problems being healed and many eyes were also healed. Many others raised there hand to testify of healings in different parts of their bodies. It was a powerful night and a great start to this time in Seoul.

We had two dynamic meetings on Tuesday. In the afternoon meeting eyes, backs, knees, stomachs, etc. were healed all over the room. There was a powerful anointing that came on the whole assembly and people were falling all over the place. There is only a small space for people to come forward but this did not limit them from receiving. The building has two levels and at times it seemed people were going to fall out of the balcony under the power of God. I gave the testimony of how the Russians respond when I say "Someone's shoulder is being healed" and they come and give testimony that my stomach, knee etc. was healed. About 300 people started moving their shoulder and all were healed of many shoulder related problems.

In the evening meeting many eyes were healed in 3 different times of prayer, many vocal problems, kidneys, a lady with a tumor on her liver, a deaf lady's hearing totally restored and many others. The power was even stronger tonight and I had to stop preaching several times as people were overcome by the Holy Spirit. I am exhausted after these two meetings back to back. We only had about an hour in between meetings. Tomorrow will be longer because we have to pray for the Doctorate students before the afternoon meeting but this is so much fun that your strength is restored quickly. It is almost impossible to leave the building after each meeting because the people run to us for more prayer and we can’t push through them. Men have to come and pull the people away and we then run for the car.

Wednesday started with meeting with the Agape Seminary students that are in the Doctorate program. Most are also full time Pastors. We had a wonderful time with them and a great impartation service. We then started the afternoon meeting and again the expectation was very high. After I spoke I invited people with deafness to come forward and over 50 came. I had Pastors come and I instructed them how to pray. To my knowledge all received total healing in a very short time. We were trying to keep up with the testimonies. The young girl that Pastor Maureen prayed for in May of last year that could not hear or speak came forward. She was still hearing but things were unbalanced.  I prayed and her hearing is now balanced in both ears. She is so happy from last May and could not wait to come and see us. She sends her love to Maureen.

Wednesday evening was explosive as the people came to receive everything they could on the final night. Many healings were happening all over the auditorium. When I finished preaching, people were running forward and two people ran and it seemed like they flew onto the stage. Others were running and pilling on to those two. I started to reach out and touch people but they started grabbing my hands.  I remembered Mexico City and I decided to pull back. The power of the Holy Spirit came strong on them. At one point I ran back to the middle of the auditorium to pray for a couple of people but others mobbed me and pulled me over and pushed me into a wall. Some of the men came and it looked like a fight as they were pushing and pulling people away from me. What an experience. Dr Kim then told everyone that I would touch them for impartation so I prayed for everyone in the building – hundreds and hundreds came. What a powerful ending.

We fly to Busan tomorrow and start a 3 day conference that evening. We are believing for greater things.

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