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Jesus Revolution Asia 2009 - Report 1
by Pastor John Sanger

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We began the week holding a 3 day conference with the Church where we did the youth conference last May. The Pastor was very excited and very receptive to our ministry. The building was packed at almost every service and the people were hungry for the presence of the Lord. The conference schedule was morning and evening meetings each day. The first day we saw two people get out of wheel chairs and walk. One young girl had surgery on her spinal column and was not able to walk. When I took her hand she got up and walked with me across the front of the Church for about 5 minutes. In the same service we had 8 people who were deaf receive hearing immediately. Several people with crippling diseases were also able to move freely. One man whose arm was not able to move from nerve damage and his fingers were balled up like a fist was able to move his fingers and his arm.

As the week went on several people who were blind received total sight and many had their eyesight strengthened so that could see and read without their glasses. In every meeting people were healed as the glory of the Lord filled the atmosphere. We were not able to receive all the testimonies because of time. There were times when the whole Church was slain by the Holy Spirit. Once I had people who needed a miracle to stand in the aisle and it looked like dominoes as they all fell with no one touching them.

We started Thursday at the same Church with the young adult conference. It was full of excitement and passion. These young people were ready for a Revolution and the Holy Spirit responded. I had given them a theme for the conference "The Jesus Revolution" and they had great banners and video clips to go along with the theme. The meetings were both teaching and demonstration as I taught the young people how to move in the Spirit. They caught on fast and were receiving words of knowledge, visions and praying for people with great power. The equipping part was the greatest. To see them step into this release of the Spirit has changed their worldview. They are now revolutionaries releasing the Kingdom of God.

Many healings happened in the meetings as well. Several received recovery of sight. One leader, who had thick glasses and was not able to see the large banners without his glasses, was able to read them clearly after removing his glasses. Another young woman had double vision in one eye was scheduled for surgery. She was able to see clearly. Her doctor was there and checked her eyes and said he could see the difference just by looking into her eyes. Another young woman had total recovery in both eyes. The young people were praying for each other allover the building with great results.

Saturday morning ended with an explosive worship time as the worship team was overcome by the Holy Spirit. Some fell and others were crying and the presence moved on all present. The final service was filled with enthusiasm and expectation. As I was preaching and calling them to take their mountain like Caleb you could feel fire increasing in the room. All the youth leaders come forward. The fire came on them and the through out the room. We prayed for everyone there for the next 2 hours. It was amazing to see this large crowd of youth passionate for the fire of His presence. I wept openly several times as I experienced their love and hunger for Jesus. In Korea, it is not the custom to hug people openly but some of the young men grabbed on to me weeping and wanting everything we have to be released in them. It was a highly emotional time for me and JP.

We had a short meeting with Pastor and his wife before leaving. They have already scheduled meetings for next January and said they have learned how to walk in the Spirit this week and there lives have been changed. They were both touched in several of the meetings. It was great to feel their love and acceptance of our ministry and the freedom we had to release what the Lord has given us. We left the Church and boarded a train for Seoul around 9pm and arrived an hour later. We will be ministering at Pastor Song’s Church this morning. She was at our Church last year and ministered and has lead worship for some of the conferences we have done here. We know it will be a great time. We start the Agape conference Monday and they already had registered between 800 – 1000. It will be a great experience aging to be with them again.

We are very busy with little down time and will be moving several times in the next two weeks. Thank you for your prayers and we are praying for the Lord to touch you greatly while we are away.