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Prophetic Word for Raleigh
by Jim Osborne


DECEMBER 11, 2008

The last few days I felt the Father tug at my heart regarding the ministry at Raleigh. What I saw was a "change in the dominations of demonstration". "This church will have a face lift but it's not what you think. There has been a great breakthrough now there will be a great breakdown. You think that a break down would take place first but I am breaking down the idea that only one type of personality would bring the desired results. And what is the conclusion?

Even those very close to this ministry feel they know what, why, and when. What has evolved in these past years was not only to take the people but you to a clear knowledge of personal purpose. What I Am and have set in order will in the years to come confuse your reason. The ones that you thought you could trust are not the ones to entrust the future of this region to. It will be the least likely."

"People will find a renewed sense of His desire in their lives. My intentions were to break not the sin in this City but the righteousness of self. When I chose David many thought I had made an error in judgment. It's unrestricted passion, unlimited thought, undeniable awareness that I have seen and experienced in your hearts that will do what others attempted and failed."

"You will not fail!!! I will unleash a movement of force that will take your city by storm. You may remember times of My glory that you relish in but I relish in the hearts of My kids wanting nothing but me."

I saw three rings of gold that were tied together like the Olympic rings. I asked the Father to explain their significance. There are actions of His Glory coming that will bring about what has been separated in the past. The first was a separation of unity that has divided this body as well as the city. "There has been a cloud overshadowing this people brought on by words of deceit words by individuals believing they were hearing from Me when they were listening to the heart of a Warmonger. They have not sought peace but rather pleasure in their own self-glorification. But listen Now I will be glorified. This ring will not be broken it will not be penetrated. Remember it's your purity your unselfish desire that will bring strength to this area."

The second ring was disillusionment. "This region was given opportunity. It was a voice of regeneration. It only generated a false energy. This false power brought false concepts, false hopes, false miracles. People thought they were following Me when they were following a false idea of Me."

"But listen Now a New Energy has come. I will paralyze the premadonna personality. This is a circle of unselfish honor. Your pureness of hearts will create a ring that can not be penetrated."

The third ring was power. "Many have seen a power that they believed could only come from one now they will see power demonstrated through the many. Not just one but any and all wanting the signs and wonders will have them. You will see that this ring can not be penetrated."

"You are a people of Strength a source of nuclear proportions. You will see no limits. You will see, you will see, all that you image you need it will be. I Am taking what you imagine and making it reality."