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Miracles in Cleveland, Ohio!
We had a wild time here in Cleveland, many wonderful miracles. One woman came out of her wheelchair, last night she gave testimony of how she is now able to stand and worship. A man threw his cane away. A woman who had a stroke 2 years ago which left her whole right side numb is now completely healed. She could not believe what just happened, the pastor broke down crying because he knows her and her condition. Just about everyone I prayed for was instantly healed. It was powerful! There was a woman that was injured in an automobile accident 2 years ago and had steel rods in her legs. The power of God hit her she looked wild eyed when all the pain left. I lose track of the many miracles. A woman with a painful mass in her kidney's now has no pain! A young man around 20 years old had bowed legs. His legs started coming together! His dad is a pastor and was standing there watching his sons legs coming together! His dad said that before he could place both of his fists together and place them between his sons knees. Before he and his son left they were one fist wide and the son said he could feel them coming together!

One woman healed in her back started doing cartwheels, others started doing cartwheels as well. One man jumped over the communion table then took off running and jumped over chairs. Others were running around the building. It got wild . There were so many miracles and amazing ones at that. There were around 80 people in each service except last night, lake effect snow must have keep people away.

The young man with the bowed legs said he had a rare disease as well. Besides his legs coming together, he could feel the power of God going through the veins of his body. He was tingling all over as well. I am leaving out many wonderful testimonies.

-Roger Webb

*UPDATE* 12/3/08

The reports keep coming in from Cleveland!

Tom, crippling leg injury HEALED - Doctors can't explain it!

Tammy, lost feeling in her right side due to a stroke two years ago, HEALED - Has feeling back!

Tammy's boyfriend Fred had a Catholic background and was opened to healing ministry and received HEALING in his shoulder!  Tammy's son and his friend witnessed the miracle and both said they were amazed at what the Lord did and commented that his mom's HEALING was a miracle!

Rose, HEALED of severe back pain and arthritis in both knees!

Tracy, HEALED of Carpal Tunnel!

Alicia, had tumors in her uterus and bladder declared CANCER FREE by her doctors!

Patrick, HEALED of shoulder injury!

Vania, received prayer for hip injury and was HEALED!

Lorraine's brother Andy had rotary socket replaced and could not lift his arm past his shoulder.  He received prayer and now has a full range of motion, he is HEALED!

*UPDATE* 12/15/08

I just heard from the pastor in Cleveland again and we have another documented miracle!  A woman just received her report back from the doctor.  The tumors in her head and back have disappeared!  Also a woman who has had back problems for five years is now completely healed!!!