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Colorado Fire Meetings!

Pastors John and Maureen and Daniel Nelson recently traveled to Pueblo Colorado to impart the fire and Miracle Power to Aaron and Julie Tomlinson's New Day Church!  Here is a report from Pastor Aaron:

I just wanted to express my gratitude to you again for everything that you imparted to us this weekend.  I have never been so impacted.  Sunday’s service following the weekend meetings was absolutely amazing!  We had many more people who for various reasons couldn't be at the conference who were really impacted and touched powerfully by the Holy Spirit.  I can only say that for me personally I feel like a totally different person.  Pastor Maureen was absolutely right about God lifting from me the burden and care of the church.  I can not ever remember having such peace and a sense of well being within me.  I am so grateful to the Holy Spirit for everything He is bringing into my life.  Today has been amazing and I can't express how different I feel.

Our people exploded Sunday!   We just did worship and testimonies, then I asked the people who received Saturday to pray for anyone who wanted to receive but was unable to come to the conference.  We did that fire tunnel thing that they do at Lakeland.  The worship team and people just kept worshiping even after I dismissed the service.  They kept going for at least another hour worshiping with passion like I have never seen before in our people.  People were so overcome by the Spirit that many of them were drunk or passed out long after the service ended.  One lady passed out in our lawn and laid there unable to get up for at least thirty minutes.  Another man had to be carried out of the service.  Others were filled with laughter and God's Presence and power. 

Best of all is that our people want to give it away.  The lady who came from work on Saturday to receive impartation testified today that she went back to work and prayed for a person on her job who had a very painful sunburn.  The person told her all the pain left after she prayed.  Another person emailed me tonight and told me how she can't wait to go to work and begin to minister to the needs of the people at work.  Others want to begin to go to our malls and river walk and begin to minister to people. 

Oh yeah, one other thing.  The children's workers told me that after you prayed for the children on Saturday that a couple of them had words of knowledge for healing for the other kids and prayed for them.  All of them said they felt God's presence as you guys prayed for them. 

I will send you more testimonies as they come in.  Thanks again.  You have brought revival to us.  I pray God grants me the grace and wisdom to be a good steward of it as I lead the people. 

Stories are still coming in from our people.  Everyone is talking about how transformed they feel.  One man, who’s a prison guard, is a totally different person.  Friday night Jesus woke him up and came to him in a vision and talked to him about love. I am going to have him share his experience in the next service.  It was a 90 minute visitation from the Lord.  He and his wife were sharing with his family Sunday night and the oil appeared on their hands and so did gold dust.  It was a real sign to his brother and his dad. Also for just about a minute without any rain clouds in the sky it rained on their house.  One other person testified to the same kind of experience with the rain. You prophesied this would happen as a sign the Lord was pouring out His Spirit on us.

One of our children workers was visited on her bed as she describes a flow of electricity through her body and the burning in the eyes.  She was not present when you gave that word and had to call me to ask me what was happening to her.  When I shared that you had prophesied that would happen she was totally blown away.  I'll let you know as other stories come in.  I think we are going to add a service during the week and see if God keeps coming upon the people.  People also want to start going out on the streets and minister to people.  We are encouraging them to go and plan on meeting with that group occasionally to pray and see how the Lord would lead us to go out.  Pretty cool stuff!!!!!

Report from our Wednesday night service. People have been telling people and inviting them.  As we worshiped the haze came back into the room.  It seemed a lot heavier to me tonight.  Most of the people could see it.  I had Brett and his wife Karen share their experience.  They prayed for people who wanted to increase in love. 

As Karen and Brett prayed there was a scent that came into one corner of the room where people were standing.  It was a very sweet fragrance that smelled like sweet spices and roses.  The scent would get stronger and then come and go.  People smelled it all across the front.  A number of people had oil appear on their hands.  Julie got sticky hands as oil was appearing on them.  Being the realist that she is and wanting to be sure the manifestation was authentic she washed her hands after the service.  She did not use any soap because she didn't want to have any scent on them and when she walked out of the bathroom her hands were dry and she smelled her hands and they smelled like paper towel.  She went outside and within a matter of seconds her hands got sticky again and had a strong sweet smelling fragrance.  As she looked at her hands under the lights they had quite a bit of really fine gold glitter.  Kassie experienced the glitter as did Brett and Joann.  I had a little bit of glitter on my hands.  I called Laurie to tell her that she had not stayed long enough and she said she had glitter all over both sides of her hands when she got home. 

We had an unchurched couple that Nick and Joann brought to the church.  Kassie felt led to pray for them.  I am not sure what she ministered to them, but the lady had the oil appearing fairly thickly on her hands.  It freaked her out.  Kassie did explain that it was just a sign from God to her.

Healing Testimonies during the meetings in Colorado.

A woman could hear after removing two hearing aids from her ears.

Several people with back problems were healed and had no pain.

A woman had her leg grow and was now free of pain she had experienced for 3 years.

Man who had an accident which crushed his foot was jumping with no pain.

A woman that had two back surgeries was now moving freely with no pain.

A woman with two surgeries that left a bulge in her stomach from the scar and staples testified the bulge and staples had disappeared.

Three men with calcium deposits on there knees were moving freely with no man. One had been in pain for more than 40 years.

Digestive problems were healed and other pain related problems as well.


July 7, 2008 UPDATE!: 

Yesterday a man who had broken both hips came to our service because he heard how God was moving. He was an elderly gentleman in a walker. His hips just never healed right. After we prayed, I asked him to try to do something that he couldn't do before. He was able to lift both feet off the ground fairly high. I asked him on a scale from 1 to 10 how much of a difference he felt. 1 being no better and 10 being totally healed. He said a 7 or an 8!!!! I asked him if he thought he could walk without his walker but he was afraid to try. I had a couple of our guys help him walk without it and he did pretty well although using the guys instead of the walker for balance. He again acknowledged how much better he felt. We also had two guys healed from a deviated nasal septum, a couple of sciatic nerve problems, back problems, and that reflux thing in the esophagus.

I shared for about 20 minutes about keeping the fires of revival going not being satisfied with where we are and encouraged our people to not be discouraged by people who have left and continue to press into God. As I was preaching the gold glitter appeared on my neck around my vocal chords. I have had two testimonies come to me today just about the glitter. One couple was just telling their brother about it and it began to appear on his arms and he was shaking under the power of God as it did.

When I was prayed for last Saturday. I was told that Pastor Maureen felt oil on the palms of my hands and that "that happens sometimes and it was a sign of healing." Today when I woke up there are flecks of light/gold on my palms and fingers. At first I thought it was something on my hands left over from lotion and or makeup. I washed my hands thoroughly. Instead of being is increasing and my palms feel like there is more oil on them.