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Detroit Healing Meetings
Pastor’s John and Maureen brought the Fire and Miracle Power to Metro Detroit Christian Church recently. Here is a list of healings that occurred:


1. Jeremy - trampoline accident 6 years ago left him unable to tilt his head all the way back without pain.  Pain gone, full range of motion.

2. Joe - woke up with sharp stabbing pain in his neck and down to his shoulder.  His neck was very stiff and he was unable to turn in any direction without pain. Pastor Maureen measured his legs and found a 1/2 inch difference.  His leg grew out, and pain was almost completely gone.  (today no pain).

3. Teresa stiff neck - healed, full range of motion restored.  Her finger was locked, unable to straighten.  That was loosened and complete motion restored.

4. Another Lady (name?) had her neck completely healed as the Holy Spirit shook her all over, she laughed and giggled, it was beautiful!

5. Cora (Pastor from Ithaca & Missionary in App. Mts.) had back pain for 18 years, wearing a back brace.  After prayer she had no pain and she was able to bend & touch toes (unable before).  She was also deeply touched by the love of God for her personally.

6. Roger had numbness in both feet and pain shooting down one leg.  Felt burning in lower back during prayer and then could feel in both feet.  Shooting pain stopped and feet felt tingling and warmth like his feet were awaking from being asleep. He was very happy.

7. Nadia was struggling with pain from carpel tunnel in her wrist.  She was unaware that Pastor John had prayed for her.  "Suddenly my wrist felt better", she said, "so I took off my brace."  (She was surprised when I told her Pastor John had prayed for her!)

8. Vikki's leg grew out 1/2 inch and pain in her shoulder left and she regained full movement after Pastor Maureen talked (prayed?) with her about self pity.

9. Jon - pain and loss of movement in rotator cuff for 6 months.  Felt fire, then pain was gone and full range of motion restored!

10. Mary in accident unable to straighten out her arm because of the way her upper arm had healed.  She felt "something pulling her arm out straight" and for a long time was laying with her arm fully extended.  Afterward she felt more range of motion and something continuing to change or move around in her shoulder.  

11. Older woman in pink outfit had an accident which severed her Achilles tendon. The problem was misdiagnosed and as a result the tendon shriveled up.  This caused her to be unable to control the movement of her foot.  When she walked it kind of flopped forward and rolled somehow.  After Pastor Maureen prayed she felt a notable improvement in her foot control and her walking.  She was visibly walking better as well.

12. Nancy had lower back pain and stiffness - it disappeared.

13. A man came up with a knot in his neck (approx. 1"x2").  He had pain, and stiffness in his neck and shoulders.  Chiropractors were unable to deal with the problem.  He felt heat in his neck - it "popped" audibly - so people all around heard a "pop" and the pain completely disappeared and all the mobility returned. He felt heat in his lungs and whole body as we released healing into his system and immunity against melanoma.  He was really touched and was struggling for several minutes to regain composure.  

14. Perry had neck pain - it went from a "6" to a "2".

15. Lee Ann had an "old neck" injury which had healed.  But that afternoon on the way home from work her bus driver had to stop extremely fast and "everyone went flying" she said.  She had to brace herself to keep from "flying forward".  By evening she had shooting pain from her neck down to her elbow and was concerned that this had inflamed her old injury.  BUT after prayer all the pain is gone!

16. Woman with a chipped elbow, pain upon moving.  Healed - Pain gone, mobility returned.

Don't miss what's happening at HCCC!  God is pouring out His spirit powerfully in every meeting.  This is an exciting time to be alive!  Come and be a part!