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Korea 2008 Reports
by Pastor John Sanger


Korea Report 1

After our speedy departure from Russia we arrived in Seoul and were greeted at the airport by Peter Noh who has arranged the meetings in South Korea for this year. Peter was powerfully transformed at one of our meetings 2 years ago. Peter graduated from Dallas Baptist Seminary in Dallas Texas and is now moving powerfully in the Holy Spirit. After a good nights rest we ministered at a local Church in Seoul on Sunday Morning. The Pastor graciously welcomed us and gave us liberty to do whatever the Spirit led us to do. I shared what had happened in the meetings in Russia and you could sense great faith fill the room. I shared briefly from 1 Corinthians 2 about the demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s power and then started giving words of knowledge. Several people responded and the Lord touched and healed many. Several testimonies were given as them demonstrated what they could not do before but we able to do now. There was a wonderful presence of the Holy Spirit in this Church and we imparted to the Pastors and the Church the fresh fire of the Spirit. As we were leaving several young people came for prayer and they were powerfully touched and fell shaking, crying and overcome by the Spirit’s presence.

Monday afternoon May 25, 2008

We traveled by car to Daejeon which is about 2 hours from Seoul. We started meetings Monday afternoon. The first meting was for Pastor’s and leaders who have going through a special training period. There were about 120 people in the room. One of the things we have been doing is following the Holy Spirit in these meetings with no ser agenda. When I walked on the platform I could see the passion on one of the young men so I invited him to come forward and as I touched him he crashed to the floor. I invited another young lady and she was also overcome by the Spirit’s power.

I then told some of the stories of what had happened in Russia and how we knew the same glory was here for the Koreans. I asked them to simply put their hands out as a sign of receiving and what happed after that I’m not sure of. It seemed like a bomb exploded. They were shaking, crying, screaming as many fell out of their seats to the floor. It reminded me of the meetings I read about 100 years ago as the Holy Spirit moved into the room people would shake and tremble and fall out of their seats. This continued for over an hour. People were not just soaking gently in His presence. It seemed like they were being electrocuted. No one could stand in the glory. Jon fell against a wall with camera in hand and was unable to talk with us the whole afternoon even at dinner.

The Young Adult Pastors who were leading the meeting were also powerfully impacted by the Holy Spirit. We had met the Pastor and his wife before the meeting began. They had scheduled a trip to Prayer Mountain for 2 weeks for prayer and fasting. We prayed for them and they graciously released us to minister freely in their Church while they were away. The Pastors wife was in the first leaders meeting and was also overcome by the Holy Spirit. She decided not to go but stay and be a part of these meetings. She is a gracious woman and hungry for the Lord’s presence.

Monday evening May 25, 2008

We walked into the evening meeting to a tremendous sound of praise and worship. There were 30 young people leading worship and it looked like a Korean Hillsongs team. The energy and enthusiasm was exciting and created a great atmosphere for the miraculous. They have 300 young adults in the Church with a vision for 1000. They all set mostly on one side of the Church and are standing much of the time as I minister. I love this! The Church seats 1000 and it seemed almost full. As I shared the miracles from Russia and what we saw the Lord doing for South Korea they were moved to great expectation. Words of knowledge were given and people started coming with testimonies. Arthritis conditions left and people were able to move freely with no sign of pain. Disc problems in backs were healed and people were bending and jumping with no pain. Two people with heart problems were now able to run and jump with no shortness of breath. A woman with knee injuries from an automobile accident could now jump with no pain.

About 50 people testified as others were being healed throughout the room.

Pastor Maureen saw 5 angels coming out of darkness on an assignment to lead people out of darkness. A large number of people were following each angel being released from oppression. As she shared and ask people to stand if this applied to them, most of the congregation stood and a powerful time of freedom was released in their lives. Some people started coming forward for ministry. Pastor Maureen had 4 powerful full blown deliverances, with people growling, biting, writhing and rolling on the floor. A sight to see! Toni would have loved it.

We also released an impartation for the fire and people fell all over the building. Some were shaking, crying and overcome by the Spirit’s power. The building was filled with a loud cry that came from the people. There passion was being released and this lasted foe a long period of time. A CD of Terry McCallum was being played about the elders and angels bow. It kept repeating and the whole assembly was having a direct encounter with the Lord of Glory. The weight of His glory was beyond description. We eventually slowly left the Church with our hearts filled with His presence and great expectation for what will continue to happen here in South Korea.

Tuesday afternoon May 26, 2008

We meet again with leaders for the afternoon session. Pastor Maureen had seen a vision of an idol pole and people crossing a bridge into total freedom. She was uncertain of what this meant and Peter shared that the Japanese had made the Korean people worship the Japanese Emperor. Last year in many Churches they had repented of this practice. As Maureen shared this vision the people were expecting to walk into freedom. The Lord gave me a scripture from Joel 2 that before the outpouring of the Spirit comes, the Lord will remove all sham base identity form His people. The people accepted this word and walked into freedom and were cleansed from shame of what their ancestors had done.

We then imparted to these leaders the fresh fire of the Holy Spirit. It seemed all fell at once. We walked by many and they fell before being touched. Their hearts are so hungry and the Lord has answered the cry of the hearts. The new wave of His Spirit is here!

Tuesday evening May 26, 2008

The worship from these young people is powerful and creates a tremendous atmosphere for the glory. I spoke about the Joseph Generation and felt like we should begin ministry with those being called into full time ministry. Those who wanted to give their lives totally to Him for His purpose. Young people started coming forward immediately. Over 200 young people committed themselves to Him. They were laying all over the platform, on the floor and up all the aisles as the Holy Spirit touched them with fresh fire. These young people continued to have an encounter with God for over an hour. We them ministered to people in their seats because their was no room in the front or the aisles. Maureen commented as we left the building that revival sure can be messy in a good way. The Pastor’s wife hugged and held on to Maureen as we left. She is thankful she stayed for the meetings.

We know many miracles and healing happened tonight but we had no place for testimonies because of the bodies filling every space on the floor. What a wonderful sight to see these young adults surrender their lives to Jesus and His ministry. It seemed like they were having experiences like Isaiah, Peter and Paul when they were called into ministry. They will be changed forever. The Lord reminded me later that part of His first great miracles was choosing 12 young men that they might be with Him and that he might send them out with His power. We experienced Jesus doing that tonight. What a sign and wonder!

Wednesday afternoon May 27, 2008

Just as worship was coming to an end a young man walked in with a splint on his leg from a fall and was visibly limping. When I was invited up to begin ministry I called the young man forward and he was still suffering from pain from a previous fall. After pastor Maureen prayed for him he removed the splint and was able to bear full weight on the foot and all the pain had disappeared. This was a great beginning for the afternoon meeting.

I spoke briefly about Mary pushing Jesus into doing His first miracle and the young people really grasped the concept of reaching up and bringing heaven into the now. They rushed the stage and fell on their knees with hands raised puling down all that God has for them. Several were jumping and grapping what is above them for their generation. At one point I had to stand on a chair against the wall on the small stage to escape the crowd of young people passionately pressing into all the Lord has for them. This continued for over an hour.

Wednesday evening May 27, 2008

The worship was again very powerful as 30 young people were leading with great enthusiasm. I continued speaking on the Joseph Generation and the people were standing much of the time embracing this as a prophetic message to their generation and Church. As I was finishing the young adults began crowding forward ready to receive all the Lord has for them. They were passionately worshipping and crying out to the Lord. What an awesome sight.

I had to move the young people as we invited the people with chronic illnesses to come forward. The front was packed two rows deep with people with many different diseases. We prayed for them for some time with the help of the young people. All were overcome by the Holy Spirit. I began asking for testimonies of people who had been healed in the meeting. Immediately came forward. A woman with two ruptured disk was moving and bending with no pain. Another woman with arthritis in her hands and legs was able to bend with no pain and all the swelling was gone from her hands and her fingers moved with no pain. A woman with bladder problems who was not able to touch her bladder without pain was pounding herself and crying that she now had no pain. Several people with back problems were healed.

We had no room up front because of so many people lying all over the floor so we started down the aisle with testimonies. A woman had come in with a brace that covered her entire middle section but had taken the brace off and was moving freely with no pain. She also had a cataract removed from her eye and was seeing clearly. Several other pains had left her body and she was rejoicing as was the whole Church.

As we continued walking up the aisle taking testimonies an elderly lady sitting looked at me and was pointing to her left ear. She was persistent so I stopped and she pulled her hearing aid out. I touched her ear and she could hear instantly. The place erupted in praise. Maureen and I witnessed an angel moving in the room and when we spoke that most of the Church starting running to that section. Gold dust was appearing on their hands and many were being healed. In a short time I was completely crowded in by a large number of people and somehow escaped to the front of the building. The passion of the people exploded and we touched as many as we could before leaving the building.

The conference was over but the Young Adult Pastor wanted us to minister to his leaders the next evening that we were scheduled for a break. We agreed and they didn’t announce it to the Church and went to a prayer mountain to be away for this time of ministry. We spent about 3 hours with them. Most are college age and very passionate for the Lord. We left around 10 as they were all on the floor receiving visions and signs and wonders. These 3 days have been a time we will never forget. The Young Adult Pastor has invited us early next year to a conference with 2000 young adults. What a wonder that will be!

Korea Report 2

EverLove Baptist Church

Thursday Morning May 28, 2008

We started our next conference with a woman’s intercessory group. The Pastors graciously greeted and welcomed us to the Church. We were told that several men had heard about the meeting and were coming as well. Also people from other Churches came to the meeting and what was suppose to be a small group of women was now a few hundred. I ministered from Acts 3 about Peter saying what I have I give. You could sense the presence of the Lord moving into the room for healing.

A woman on the second row was moving a little strangely so I called her forward. She had a back problem and the nerves were crossing and she lived in constant pain. She was invited by a friend to come and after a short time all the pain left and she was rejoicing. I asked for testimonies and a woman came who had nerve damage in her neck and shoulder was now able to move her neck with no pain.

An elderly woman came forward assisted by another woman. She was a diabetic and had lost her sight. She was now seeing clearly and gave a great testimony. She was also healed of digestive problems. Another woman had severe pain in her chest and now all the pain was gone. There were 35 other people who raised their hand that they were healed in the meeting. The Pastor later explained his people are shy but to encourage them to come and give testimony. This is a wonderful Baptist Church with 80 percent of the people having PH. D. We continue the meetings Friday through Sunday and are expecting great things.

Friday evening May 29, 2008

As we drove into the parking lot there was a sense that something wonderful was going to happen this evening. We were warmly greeted by the Pastor and his family. We began by praying for one of the leaders in the Church and his family. We also prayed for Pastor’s family. He has 3 boys who are studying in the USA and just returned yesterday for the summer break. They are all very open to the Holy Spirit and have a definite direction they are pursuing for their lives.

We went into a packed out Church with the balcony and overflow room filled as well. Some people had to stand around the back wall during the service. We were told there was between 500-600 people. The worship was wonderful and they sang an older song which speaks of Jesus building a throne on our worship and then coming and taking His place on that throne. It was a prophetic declaration and created an atmosphere for Jesus to do His kingdom business.

I spoke from 1 Corinthians 2 about the demonstration of the Holy Spirit’s power. The congregation received my message very well. I spoke of Jesus in Mark doing miracles and that He wanted to do them for this Church tonight. About 80% of the people speak English and have PH.D. You could feel the power of the Holy Spirit building as I spoke and told stories of what we have witnesses in the last few weeks.

I gave a few words of knowledge and ask people to come and testify if they were healed. A woman came and told how she had a back problem and nerve damage and pain down her leg for 4 years. She felt warmth come on her and all the pain was gone. She could move freely with no pain in the back of her leg. Another woman had a nerve problem in her neck and shoulder and now was moving freely with no pain. Another woman had a problem with her esophagus and now all the pain was gone.

Pastor Maureen was giving signs from her seat of words of knowledge she was receiving. She said there were people being healed of problems in their feet. Two young boys came and gave a great testimony of how they had pain and now they were jumping up and down with no pain. Another woman came and has been suffering with back problems for years. She has bad posture and was bent over. She said she felt someone pull her shoulders back from behind and now she had no pain and her posture was perfect and she was standing up straight.

I then had everyone stand and started giving general words starting form the head to the toe. I gave a word about sinus and breathing problems. I asked people to raise their hands if this was there problem. I then asked people around them to lay hands and pray for the people. They prayed quickly and I then asked if the people were healed to raise their hands as a testimony and 28 people were healed immediately. The building is so packed we had no room to bring people forward for prayer so this seemed the best way to proceed. It also brought the Church people into participating in the healing process.

I then went to the heart area, then the stomach area, then the back and hips. Each time several people raised their hand to receiving healing immediately. We counted over 250 people that were healed in this time of corporate prayer. I then went down the knees and legs area and something started to happen. An elderly lady put her cane aside and started walking up and down the aisle. People were stirring and gasping as she walked without her cane. I asked her to come up on the platform and she said she has Parkinson disease and it has affected her walking but that she can now walk easily without her cane. The congregation responded with thanksgiving.

Another lady put her cane away and was walking and I had her come to the platform as well. She had a hip problem that caused her to be bent over and kept her from walking without pain and the assistance of a cane. She was now standing straight and pain free and no longer needed her cane. Another gentleman came forward to testify about his knee problem being healed and he could walk and move freely with no pain.

The presence of the Lord was strong in the meeting and several times you could feel the weight of His glory move through the room. The people are very expectant and are excited about the next meeting. The Church has rented an arena for Sunday to be able to hold the crowds. Many people are coming and we are expecting great things for the Baptist Church.

Saturday afternoon May 31, 2008

We had the privilege to meet with Pastor John, his wife Grace, and the deacons of their Church. We shared about the moving of the Holy Spirit and how we have learned to follow His lead instead of asking Him to bless our plans. We answered questions and had a great time of interaction. We then prayed for each of the deacons and their wives. The presence of the Holy Spirit was upon them and ministered to each specifically of their gifting and callings. We then shared a meal together before the evening meeting.

Saturday evening May 31, 2008

Some of the deacons had left dinner early to secure seats for the evening meeting. As we drove into the Church parking lot Grace said I hope they were able to find seats because the parking lot was packed as well as all along the streets. The building, as well as the over flow room was packed, and you could feel the expectation in the air as we walked into a powerful time of worship.

During the worship an angel stood beside me and said there was power to heal every sickness and disease in the room. When I was invited to speak I shared what this angel had spoken to me and also the story of this angel appearing in a meeting we did in Israel several years ago. When I finished the story the place was filled with the glory of the Lord. I was on my knees and Pastor John who was translating was laying on his back on the platform. He later said he could not feel his legs.

All over the auditorium people were engaging with the Lord of glory. Many were weeping and others were dumbfounded and looking in awe. This lasted for over a half an hour. As this continued I felt to walk down one of the aisles. Most people didn’t even know I was walking down the aisle because they were captured by His presence.

I felt the Lord was going to heal someone that was deaf. I walked to the back of the building looking for someone that perhaps had hearing aides or some sign of deafness. As I approached the end of the row people saw me and started lining up for prayer. I felt to immediately turn and go back to the front. When I arrived at the front and turned around a young woman had been following me up the aisle. She knelt down in such reverence as I looked at her. She pointed to her ear and then removed a hearing aid. I touched her ear and she could hear perfectly. She was weeping and rejoicing as the Lord had restored her hearing.

Many people were healed and came forward to give testimonies. One young man had received a gold tooth in the night and the people were very excited about this miracle. A young man told how his young child was in the hospital with meningitis and Pastor Maureen had prayed for him the night before as he drove us to the meeting. He reported that the child was now at home with no trace of meningitis. Many others testified to being healed in the weight of the Lord’s glory that filled the room. We left the meeting still experiencing the heaviness of the glory with thankful hearts for what the Lord had done.

Sunday morning June 1, 2008

The Church has multiple services on Sunday so they moved the meetings to a Baptist Seminary nearby so that everyone could be in the meeting together. I was told the building seated 1500 people and it was packed full for the morning service. We enjoyed the worship as there was a great energy among the worship team.

I spoke about the Joseph Generation and then called for young people who wanted to commit their lives to the call of God to go wherever He sends them. Over 100 young people responded. We imparted to them as the fire of the Holy Spirit came upon them. The passion and dedication was a wonder to see. We then began giving words of knowledge for healing. People would stand in response to the words and we had people near them pray for them. Then we asked those that were healed to raise their hand and every time several were healed from each word. The Lord healed several hundred during this time of ministry. I finished and thanked the pastor and the Church for graciously receiving us to minister to them.

As the Pastor was concluding the service I walked down on the floor and Pastor Maureen had people lining up for prayer. Pastor’s wife Grace was praying for people and they were falling to the floor. That was a wonderful sight. I went to the opposite side of the auditorium and a line formed. We prayed for 2 hours for everyone who came forward.

Pastor Maureen saw many healed of back problems, nerve damage, stomach problems. It was more than we could remember later because so many people came for prayer. I prayed for two men who were deaf and both received their hearing. People with arthritis were healed as well as others were able to walk pain free from automobile accidents that had left them in constant pain. Many other wonderful things were done by the hand of the Lord for this Church.

We had a quick meal and headed for the train station to travel to Seoul for three days of meetings. This week has been one of the greatest experiences of our lives. The presence and power of the Lord has been so tangible in every meeting. The transformation of so many people before our eyes has humbled our hearts over and over again. We are filled with awe of how great our God is.

Korea Report 3

Monday June 2, 2008

We arrived in Seoul Sunday evening and were greeted by Dr. Kim from Agape Seminary who was hosting these meetings. We had a great time sharing with him what we had experienced the last two weeks in Russia and Korea. He informed us the registration was over 800 and more were registering and the people were very excited about these meetings. We were taken to the nicest hotel in Seoul for a good rest before the meetings started on Monday.

We walked into the Church Monday evening that seats over 1000 and it was filled. The worship was high energy and very anointed. We knew this was going to be a great time. During worship pastor Maureen saw angels ministering. Our translator also saw angels in the room. The same angel that had stood beside me in the Baptist Church was now standing in front of me and said we have prepared the way for miracles.

After I shared about the angels present in the meeting the place erupted in praise. The expectation level was so high you could smell it in the air. Miracles happened immediately and people came for testimonies. A man had cataracts removed from his eyes and could see clearly. A woman paralyzed on the left side of her face could now feel her face and was moving freely. A woman who had suffered nerve damage in her back and leg from a car accident was now moving freely with no pain. Another woman with a disk problem in her back from a car accident was healed and jumping with no pain.

Several people had their eyesight improve and could read without their glasses. A woman came with two pair of glasses in her hand. One was for seeing close and the other for seeing distance. She could now see perfectly with neither glasses. Another woman had spots before her eyes disappear. A man who was deaf in one ear for 20 years was healed and could hear a whisper. A woman had her spinal column straighten. Another woman with circulation problems was now feeling great and breathing clearly. This is only a few of the hundreds who were healed in this first meting. What a powerful night.

Tuesday afternoon June 3, 2008

This session was determined to be a time of impartation from the beginning. I spoke from 1 Corinthians 2 concerning the demonstration of the Spirit’s power. We invited Pastor’s to come for prayer and there were about 200. We then had associate Pastor’s come and there was more. Before the afternoon session was over we had prayed for everyone in the building. It was a glorious time to see these leaders being impacted by the power of God. They were crying as they were overcome by the Holy Spirit. Some were drunk and staggering. Many felt fire all over their body. We know their churches and ministries will never be the same as they have stepped into a greater realm of His glory.

Tuesday evening June 3, 2008

The building was overflowing and charged with the presence of the Lord. I preached about the Joseph Generation and they caught the message quickly. The response as I preached was filled with enthusiasm and excitement. I had a few of the pastors come to the platform to stand in the glory. They were not able to stand and would fall to the floor under the weight of the glory. Others came and the same thing happened to them. Then more started coming and no one could stop them. They jammed the platform and were lying everywhere receiving the glory of the Lord.

Many miracles and healing were happening in the congregation during this time. Several people had lumps or tumors disappear from their bodies. Eyesight was recovered. Chronic pain was removed. We had no room for people to come and give testimonies because the pastor’s covered the front of the building. What a sign and wonder.

Wednesday afternoon June 4, 2008

We began by ministering to 60 Doctorate Degree students who are also Senior Pastors. The fire of God came on them as many crashed to the floor. It was like an explosion from heaven on these leaders. We know they will never be the same after this encounter.

I continued speaking about the Joseph Generation and the response was greater in this meeting. Again many were healed and miracles were normal for the meeting. A woman suffering with a muscle problem in her leg for 3 years that resulted from a car accident was crying as she had no pain and was moving her leg freely. A woman who had pain all over her body for 30 years was dancing, crying as she tried to give her testimony. She had no pain anywhere in her body for the first time in 30 years. Several people with disk problems in their backs were healed and were dancing with no pain.

Wednesday evening June 4, 2008

The worship was explosive as people filled the front of the Church dancing and singing. I continued on the Joseph Generation and the place was crazy with responsive shouts. At many times they were louder than our microphones. Peter our translator was overcome by the Holy Spirit many times during the message. We both would stop at times and enjoy the presence of the Lord that was so thick in the room.

At one point the shout of praise was so loud in the building like I’ve never heard before. Everyone was on their feet praising with all their might. They knew this is their time and this is their generation and they were responding with acceptance to the message of God’s favor.