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Russia 2008 Reports
by Pastor John Sanger

Russia Report 1

We finally arrived in Far East Russia after leaving the states on Wednesday. We were greeted at the airport by Bishop Alexey and Pastor Sasha and Ira and members of their Church. We were taken to our hotel and had a quick lunch and a short rest before the evening meeting. Our hotel has no internet service so we are not able to contact anyone for a few days.
Bishop Alexey picked us up and drove us to the site where his Church is located. They are on a former military base and they have converted the buildings into several ministries. They have a Bible School, drug rehab center, 24 hour prayer building and the Church is in a building they have restored. It is amazing to see what the Lord has given them. Bishop Alexey served two years in the military on this base before he was a Christian.
We were prepared for a small crowd the first night but to our surprise the building was packed with standing room only. The atmosphere was charged from the beginning of the service. The worship team was very excited and passionate as they lead the people into the presence of the Lord. The conference is titled "Expect A Miracle" and Bishop Alexey had the people declare several times I expect a miracle.
One of the times Bishop had them declare miracles and then raise their voice in praise. As they lifted their voice I heard the Father declare "I heard them." I knew immediately signs and wonders were going to happen. I thought of the scripture in I John that when we know He has heard us we will have what we ask.
During worship I saw a tidal wave come from the sea and cover Vladivostok and the wake of the wave went all the way to Moscow. I heard the Lord declare the glory was released to Russia in the Far East and would travel to Moscow. We were introduced by Bishop and received a wonderful welcome from the people. We made no greetings but immediately went into a miracle atmosphere. I spoke this vision to the people and they responded with a great shout of praise.
After the meeting our translator Ira, told us her 10 year old daughter had a dream 2 nights ago about a tidal wave covering Vladivostok and nothing was left. She said that many people would try to stop the wave from coming but she knew they would not be able to stop it. After the wave covered the city she then saw green grass beginning to grow. She was so alarmed that she repented of her sin and told the Lord she would serve him and do whatever He wanted her to do. Maureen and I were in awe when we heard this dream. We have known this translator and her daughter for several years and this was a definite sign the Lord had released the glory over Far East Russia. The scripture declares let everything be established in the mouths of two or three witnesses. Joel also declared old men would dream dreams and young men would see visions. The vision and dream from 2 generations is a definite sign that the glory has been released over Russia.
Miracles began to happen immediately and people came forward to testify what had happened. People were healed of arthritis and all the pain was gone and they were able to move freely. One lady had a thumb that she could not move from an accident. The finger straightened out and she had full movement again. Another lady had no feeling in her leg from her knee down and feeling came back and she was jumping up and down. Another lady walked in crippled and she felt fire hit her hip and her body straightened and leg grew and she was walking freely.
Two people had their spinal column straighten as the power of God touched them. One lady said she felt the curve straighten and could now stand straight. She had the curve from birth. A man had an object in his eye from a work injury come out and he could see clearly as well as a two inch growth on his back disappear. Another man had a neck injury and was unable to move his neck and prayed for a work of knowledge to be given about his neck. Immediately I gave a word about a neck and he ran forward moving his neck freely.
Pastor Maureen gave several words of knowledge. She called out a woman’s name and the lady came and had pain in both breast. At first she was scared but then all the pain left her breast. Several knees were healed and people walked freely. A man who had fallen from a roof on his work had pain in his back and all over was healed. Many other miracles happed but this is what I remember at this time.
We prayed for all the Pastors and the fire came on them for miracles and healing. We then prayed for the worship team and the fire came on them as well. Several times during ministry the crowd would cry out and the fire of God came on them all over the building. Near the end a heavy weight of glory came into the room and people were overcome by this cloud of glory. It was awesome and the strongest presence of God I have felt.
This was an amazing start and far beyond our expectations. We have 3 services on Sunday and the people are expecting greater things. Bishop Alexey declared tomorrow would be from glory to glory to glory in the 3 meetings.
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Russia Report 2
After a wonderful time of worship several people testified of miracles that received in the meeting Saturday night. One lady said she had a tumor on her back side the size of a grapefruit. She felt fire during the meeting but nothing happened. When she woke up the next morning the tumor was gone. Many others gave quick testimonies of a miracle they received.
We started the meeting sharing the dream that Ira’s daughter had that was the same as the vision I had seen and the people went wild with praise and expectation. One man who testified earlier became the focus for the morning meeting. He had an automobile accident and had broken both legs. For the doctors to save his left leg they had to remove 3 inches of bone below the knee. This left him only able to walk with crutches. His right knee was frozen and would not bend. He had much difficulty moving around and was standing unbalanced. He felt fire on Saturday night and threw the crutches away and was now walking with a crutch. I ask him to come forward and with Pastor Maureen we sat him in a chair where everyone could see the 3 inch difference in his left leg. At this point we did not know that bone had been removed or the history of his injury. Pastor Maureen stretched out his legs and at first nothing happened. Then slowly the leg began to grow as everyone watched. You could feel the atmosphere change as people were in awe as this leg slowly grew. Then it was the same length as the other and the people went crazy. When he told about the bone being removed and we all released this was a creative miracle the place was charged with praise, faith and expectation. Then we prayed for his right knee that was frozen and he started bending and going up and down and was completely healed. What a way to start a Sunday morning service – this is not Church as usual!
The power of the Lord was present for healing and many deaf ears opened and eye sight was recovered as people came and read small print without their glasses. A lady was not able to move her arm after being in a car accident but now was waving her had and testifying she was healed. Another man came and testified that he had been wearing a brace for 15 years and was not able to move his right leg because of a hip injury. He had removed the brace and now was lifting his leg like a ballet dancer. He started jumping and twisting which he was not able to do for 15 years. His hip had been locked for 15 years and now he was running around like a teenager totally healed.
We took a short break for lunch and then started the second meeting. The anointing was stronger and the crowds were larger. Afternoon meetings are usually a little slow and people have a tendency to be sleepy but not this crowd. Maureen, Jon and myself were still recovering from jet lag and could have used a nap but the energy from the people with the presence of the Lord refreshed us quickly. Testimonies from the morning session came very quickly and also released a greater level for healing.
A lady had been suffering with back pain for 19 years and could not been over. She said she felt fire come on her back and she started bending over touching her toes. She had not done that for 19 years. Another lady testified she was healed of asthma and she was now breathing clearly. Pastor Maureen prayed for a little boy who was deformed from birth. There was an extra bone sticking out from his knee. The leg straightened and the bone was no longer there. He walked away without limping. A woman with a stroke that had left her partially paralyzed and with pain in her head was healed and moving freely with no pain in her head or back. A little girl had her spinal straightened and he leg grew 11/2 inches. A young boy had fallen and was not able to move his right arm was now swinging his arm totally healed.
Pastor Maureen had announced that God would begin healing cancer in the afternoon meeting. We call for people with cancer to come forward. Around 15 people came and they were powerfully touched as Pastor Maureen prayer for them. One lady was on the floor and you could see things moving under her skin. Several later testified to feeling fire and one said that tumors were gone. It was a powerful anointing and we await doctor verification to confirm what the Lord has done.
People started calling family and friends on their cell phones and praying for them to be healed. One man later testified he called his Muslim brother who lives in Kacharstan (probably not the correct spelling) who was in bed paralyzed. His brother said he was beginning to feel heat on his leg but the phone connection was lost. The brother from the Church called again and said what happened and the brother said I’m running around my apartment and was totally healed.
Several hundred people rushed the platform with handkerchiefs or objects to be anointed to take to their family and friends. The next day several came with testimonies of people healed and delivered. As this was happening a lady came and testified that a large goiter on her neck disappeared.
We then took a 30 minute break and started the third meeting. We needed supernatural strength and during worship we could feel the strength of the Lord come upon us. The weight of His presence in these meetings is overwhelming at times.
After worship several healings took place all over the building as people laid hands on one another. The testimonies were being yelled from all over the building so fast we couldn’t keep up with them. It was hard to stand and minister because of the weight if glory in the room. Our translator fell several times.
I gave a call for young people who wanted to go into full time ministry and carry this fire to Russia. 40-50 young people responded and the fire came powerfully on them. Then an older group responded of about 60 people and the received the fire as well. Pastor Maureen had told the people we would lay hands on all of them in the evening service and they all wanted impartation. We imparted to everyone and great power was released on the people. They were shaking, trembling as the fire came upon them. We had ministered for 8 and ½ hours in three meetings and His strength was with us.
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Russia Report 3
Monday we had the opportunity to tour the ministry with Bishop Alexey. We visited the full time Bible School as well as the full time recovery program for people with addictions. It was wonderful to be with these people and see the grace of God on them. They were all in the meetings and shared about what they had experienced of the love and power of God. We then went to a small apartment were one family has adopted 18 young children from the streets. They have 3 children of their own which means there are 23 people living in this small 2 bedroom apartment. We also saw the new 4 story building they are building for this orphanage which we gave several thousand dollars toward. Our hearts were overwhelmed at the great ministry outreach this ministry is undertaking.
The evening meeting began with a packed building and people standing outside in the lobby looking in. Another wonderful time of worship ended with Bishop Alexey declaring are you ready for a miracle and the people responding I’m ready.
Pastor Maureen shared a vision of the throne and angels released to minister healing and miracles. The angels were returning to the throne with broken body part that they laid before the Lord. I have not preached at any of the meetings because we are just following the Spirit. I shared briefly that we are ministers of the glory from I Corinthians and then testimonies started.
A young girl had prayed for her grandmother who was bedridden and the Lord healed her. She also prayed for a friend at school as other teens watched. She said for the first time she had not fear of praying for people. Her friend was healed. A lady testified a tumor had left her back and another lady was healed in her back of ruptured disc and now has no pain. As another lady was testifying I heard something behind me on the left of the room. I turned to see an angel ministering to people in the far left section. I told the people what was happening. One lady started screaming and moving her arm and fingers. She had been in an car accident and her arm was broken which left her without movement and she could not move her fingers from nerve damage. She was now moving her arm and fingers and crying. Two other ladies were yelling this is our friend and we know this is a miracle.
Another lady in that section had no feeling in her left leg began to feel cold and then heat in her leg and then jumped up yelling I am healed as she jumped all over the room. She was brought to the meeting by some friends. Another lady who has lost her voice was now speaking clearly. The healing power went all over the room and here are some of the testimonies. Growth removed from a ladies neck; tumor gone from a ladies female part; spinal column straightened; eye sight restored…A lady with a spirit of infirmity who had leg pain, back pain, chest pain, stomach pain, head pain for several years now had no pain. She also said she was no longer hearing voices in her head.
We then prayed for Bishop Alexey’s staff and leaders and workers. When they came forward the glory was so strong they crashed to the floor. We continued to touch people as the security escorted us to the car.
In every meeting people were saved with no special pleading or urging. 10-15-25 in a meeting gave their lives to Jesus because of His presence drawing them. Many were also delivered of addictions as the power of God touched them. We also heard report of people leaving the meetings because the power of God was so strong they felt they were being electrocuted. These were Christians. Many unbelievers were healed as well in the meetings. The glory of the Lord has been released in Far East Russia.
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Russia Report 4
Pastor Sasha picked us up from our hotel in a brand new black Mercedes that is owned by a member of his Church. We were also escorted by a police car. The trip normally takes an hour to an hour and a half from Vladivostock to Usserisk. We made the trip in 25 minutes. It looked like a presidential procession. Cars pulled over, policeman saluted as we passed; people were trying to look into the windows to see the famous people. Maureen and I were laughing and processing what this meant spiritually. Here is some of the revelation.
God is very serious about the moving of His glory to cover Russia and we were being escorted the fastest way possible. Officials were saluting as we passed means that principalities and powers have to stand at attention to this move of His glory. No large vehicles could stop our progress because the police siren caused them to pull over and if they didn’t immediately the police used the bull horn and commanded them to pull over. The glory was moving so quickly that we had to get to the city to prepare the people of the coming wave. I saw people when we announced the wave was coming begin to run to the beach with their hands lifted and some falling on the face desperate for the glory of the Lord.
After we were settled in out hotel the police escorted us across town to a very nice restaurant for a wonderful meal. All of this is symbolic of what the Lord has in store for the people here. He is moving quickly and nothing with stop or hinder. His progress and He will feed the people with the best He has.
We started with a leadership meeting and the building was packed. The heavy weight of glory settled in as worship closed. I began by telling them about the tidal wave coming and how we were escorted to their city and what that means. They were ready from that point for all the Lord has. Pastor Maureen shared a vision she saw in worship and then she crashed to the floor. Pastor Sasha and is wife fell also. Shortly after our translator fell as well as Jon with camera in hand. People were crashing all over the room from the weight of glory. People were being healed at the same time. An angel appeared in the room in one section and I thought the people were going to explode. They were thrashing and jerking uncontrollably. My body was hurting from the weight of glory which I have never felt like that. This continued for some time all over the room.
Then stillness entered the room and you could hear a pin drop. We were captured by His beauty and the awesomeness of His presence. Nothing more could be said or done. With great anticipation we await the meeting tonight.
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Russia Report 5
As we approached the conference center Thursday night we saw two busses and Pastor Sasha said that they were rented by people from the village and had come from a couple of hours away. As we entered the building worship was as already underway and the building was packed and overflowing. Pastor Sasha introduced us to an overwhelming response from the people. We immediately began ministering by inviting the people who had come from the villages on the busses to come for prayer. They mostly looked like they were very poor but hungry for the Lord. As we were praying for them, one elderly lady kept pointing to her left ear. As I prayed for her she took out her hearing aid and could hear clearly. The crows erupted in praise. This was a great start to what would be the greatest working of miracles we have ever seen.
Words of knowledge were given and people began coming forward giving testimony of healing. A lady who had been crippled with arthritis in her hands and legs was now able to move them freely with no pain. A young boy who had arthritis in his feet came and testified that all the pain was gone and he was jumped up and down. From that point we invited all the children under twelve to come forward and we prayed for them.
Pastor Sasha’s son Valeri who is nine, shared a dream in which he saw a warrior with a large sword with a cross on the sword and he was healing all the sicknesses. After he shared the dream he went into a trance like state and stood still for quite a while. Afterwards he wept from the presence of God he experienced for about thirty minutes. After he shared his dream, healing and miracles broke out all over the auditorium and people came forward to give testimonies. Many backs, scoliosis, and tumors were healed.
A lady came forward who had had two surgeries for a growth on her stomach. The anointing came on her and the growth disappeared. A man who came from Vladivostock who wore a brace for fifteen years and had been healed from a hip problem, had his leg grow while standing when the power went through the room. He had always been uneven and was now standing level. He also had a growth from the right side of his abdomen disappeared. Many others came testifying of miracles and healings.
Pastor Maureen saw a heavy glory in the form of a mist or cloud and lightening was also seen by people in the auditorium. I saw a lady in the last row at the top of the auditorium and said I see an angel standing behind you touching you on the shoulders. It looked like she exploded from the power of God touching her. Later she came and told how she had just seen the same vision that Pastor Maureen has shared and then I saw her and she felt the angel touch her. It was a wonderful time as many saw signs and wonders from the Lord.
We then invited all the pastors to come for impartation. The pastors were all powerfully impacted as we spent time ministering to them. Many shook violently and fell to the ground before anyone touched them. The hunger for this move of God was evident on the faces as they opened themselves to the Holy Spirit. This anointing is contagious and they will take this back to their cities and villages.
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Russia Report 6
The anointing was very strong in the morning session during worship. As we began to minister, the glory was so strong we couldn’t continue. People fell on their faces weeping and calling out to God awestruck by the weight of His presence. This continued for a period of time. I had called the Church in Raleigh who were having an evening service at the same time and they felt the anointing and were overcome by the Holy Spirit as well.
Then we began to release words of knowledge and people came to share their miracles. A lady with glasses with a strength of +5 took off her glasses and could see a face clearly. She received more prayer and could then see people in the audience and the group of people she came with who were sitting seven rows back. Suddenly a lady in the audience started yelling for the words on power point to be put back on the screen so she could test her eyes. She was sitting half-way back in the auditorium and could read the words clearly. The crowd erupted with cheers. This lady had taken a risk and stepped out on faith for her healing.
Another lady began yelling from the auditorium saying that she knew if we prayed for her she would be healed. She came to the platform and said that she had no kneecap and that her bones on her left leg were fused together for sixteen years. Pastor Maureen set her in a chair so everyone could see her feet and her left leg grew four inches. As she stood she began to bend her leg as well with no knee cap. The curve in her spine also straightened and all pain left her body. People again shouted in praise and many others were healed throughout the auditorium.
The weight of God’s glory had been so great in the beginning of the meeting and the people responded to His manifest presence in giving to Him adoration by humbling themselves before His awesome presence. From that time of great intimacy the Lord released His great power and demonstrated signs, wonders and miracles. No one wanted the leave the place. We were escorted by police car to a restaurant for a quick lunch and then returned to the afternoon meeting.
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Russia Report 7
The atmosphere was charged with expectation from the morning meeting. Worship was again very powerful. I felt the Lord wanted to us to give away what we had received and I inviting certain Pastors up to the platform to stand and experience the weight of the glory as we ministered. They would stand, tremble, shake, laugh, cry and fall. People who had received a miracle came to give testimonies.
We then invited another group of Pastors up that looked more reserved. They experienced the same things. This continued for a period of time as people were being healed in the crowd. We then had the Pastors form a tunnel and we imparted to everyone in the auditorium. The people received and were visibly shaken by the power of God. Many had to be dragged through the line because they were not able to stand and walk through the fire of God’s presence on His ministers.
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Russia Report 8
The presence was very strong during worship. As I walked onto the platform, something hit me and knocked me about 5 feet and I crashed to the floor. Peter Dresser said that it was an angel. Pastor Maureen shared a vision of a ball dropping like in Times Square on New Years Eve and a voice declaring "The Time Is Now"! Miracles and healing began to break out in the crowd.
A lady came forward saying that she was 95% blind and could now see clearly. Many other came and testified to receiving a miracle. I can’t remember them all at this time because I was overcome most of the meeting by the presence of the Holy Spirit.
We then called all the young people aged thirteen to thirty forward. This was a powerful time of impartation for this generation. They received with great expectation to take this to their generation and see a revival among their friends.
We then called the terminally ill to come forward. The front of the auditorium was packed with people with cancer, TB, aids and many had been given no hope of recovery. The power of God began to move on people. Immediately four women who had tumors, two on the stomach, one under the right arm, and one in the pelvic area felt the tumors disappear. They examined themselves and said the tumors were no longer there. People testified that their ears had popped and they could now hear. A woman with a broken leg began to walk without her crutch.
A woman who had a stroke received full range of motion in her left arm and hand. She also received strength in her left leg and was able to walk without assistance. The place was charged with shouts of praise and excitement. Another woman felt her spine straighten and her hips lock into place. Many people were healed of stomach and sinus problems. A ten year old girl with a congenital bone disease was about the size of a six year old. Her left arm was shorter than her right arm and it grew four inches. Both legs grew about two inches each. She said that she felt someone pulling on her extremities.
This was a creative miracle to the max!
People all over the auditorium were healed during this time with no one praying for them. People shared they felt heat, cold and trembling all over their body as the Holy Spirit touched them. Several people were filled with laughter and received healing and deliverance from depression. People could not stand on the platform for long without falling because of the manifest presence of God’s glory. Our translator was constantly falling and the men who came to pick her up would fall as well. The worship team members would suddenly fall as they were singing.
The auditorium was packed at every meeting. Over 100 people had to stand at every meeting in the aisles or hallways because there were no more seats. We had changed our trip because John Arnott had scheduled to come to Far East Russia in early June. We knew it would be too expensive for several of the Churches to travel to both meetings and we rescheduled our time. Pastor Sasha didn’t invite many of the Churches to come because of this schedule change. He only invited local Churches. The expectation was that the crowd would be low but they were insistent for us to come. Bishop Alexey had come to our Church in January and said please come the people will show up for your meetings. His persistence as well as Pastor Sasha’s must be given credit for this great move of the Holy Spirit. Pastors and people came from long distances when they heard of the meetings. Heaven only knows what would have happened if all the Churches were invited.
Pastor Sasha and Ira had lunch with us on Saturday before we departed for Seoul, Korea. Pastor Sasha said he had several calls and test messages of how great the meetings were and thanking him for sponsoring these meetings. He said a Presbyterian Pastor called and said the meetings were great and that he had received an impartation and wanted to continue this move of the Spirit in his Church. Also a friend of Pastor Sasha’s who is unsaved and has cancer received prayer at the last meeting. He said that he slept without medication for the first time in a long time. We believe the Lord will continue healing and working miracles in the people who opened the heart to His great power.
We then departed for the airport with a police escort. We were traveling 90 – 100 miles an hour as everyone pulled over to allow us to pass. We have never experienced anything like this in the natural as well as spiritual. God is definitely speedily mov