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"Don't Quit! It's Time To Agree With The Courts of Heaven"


We are in a season when God is birthing a new thing. When we hear this declaration, we immediately and wholeheartedly receive it and believe it, right? After all, that's the "good Christian" response! However, when it comes down to actually walking it out, it's an entirely different scenario. Birthing is a process, and that's not even considering the commitment needed for the conception! I could write an entirely different article on that alone, which would be focused on intimacy, time in the throne room, and covenant with the Lord to conceive His purposes. There are many throne room strategies for fulfilling purpose and destiny (which includes birthing God's purposes) that are available to us if we spend intimate time with the Lord. One of my recent books, Strategies from Heaven's Throne: Claiming the Life God Wants for You is now available to help empower you to hear from Heaven and begin walking out the processes of God.

I feel as if I am becoming a pro in the process of achieving my destiny, don't you? I mean, really now, think about it. How much processing do we really need? I stopped today and thought about this word process. What came to my mind was "processed meat" and "processed cheese." There is A LOT that has to happen to process something! I began to shift my thoughts--I was able to shift from my natural mind to the spirit and focus again on what it actually means to be involved in a "process."

Seriously, I then began to ponder upon a court case and the concept of "due process of law." Do you realize that there is a court in Heaven that is actively condemning our enemy? Dear ones, God is in control, and He has already defeated the accuser of the brethren on your behalf. In Daniel, Chapter Seven, it speaks of the Ancient of Days taking a seated position in the courts of Heaven and then dethroning the power of the antichrist and the antichrist system upon the earth.

The Lord is not only the Judge, but also the "Jury," as He executes judgment against all of our enemies, especially the antichrist. Actually, the enemy has no "due process of law," because it is already settled in Heaven that he is guilty. However, we as saints receive the due process of God's law--the process of Him fulfilling His Word in our every situation!

The Antichrist

To put it plainly, the antichrist is just as it states--it is satan himself, but also everything within him that is, obviously, totally anti-Christ. Satan is the enemy of Christ and all that involves God and His divine nature. The antichrist system is a demonic structure and stronghold under satan's influence that has infiltrated the different economic, political and religious systems in the earth. I do not profess to be a Biblical theologian, nor am I a Biblical historian; I am a prophet who hears and then declares what I hear. So, I am only sharing what is in my heart at this time. What I know in my heart to be true is that the spirit of the antichrist is attempting to hinder and halt our process of breakthrough.

Daniel 7:25 tells us that there is one who "speaks out against the Most High and wears out the saints." Let me encourage you to read the entire seventh chapter of Daniel. But, for now, we will focus on this one verse:

"And he shall speak great words against the Most High, and shall wear out the saints of the Most High, and think to change times and laws: and they shall be given into his hand until a time and times and the dividing of time."

Many theologians agree that in this passage, this is the antichrist who is boasting of his ability to change our times and seasons as well as "wear out the saints." Saints, that's you and I!

There are two important factors in this concerning the ability of the antichrist and his system. First, he desires to change our times and seasons, and, secondly, he desires to wear us out. If he can wear you down and wear you out, then he will attempt to change your season. How can he do this? Well, if we are "beaten down," it's easy to get out of proper spiritual alignment. In other words, we are so weary that we begin to "agree" with the antichrist spirit rather than agree with God. (By the way, when we agree with God, there is a conception and a birthing. No wonder the enemy is fighting against you so hard right now--his desire is to abort your purpose!)

Don't Wear Out--Throw Your Enemy Out!

If you are like me, you feel worn out! If I could, I would quit, throw in the towel, and run in the opposite direction. But I can't, and neither can you! We must not forget that the enemy can only "attempt" to wear us out! Sure, he might be throwing everything possible toward you to block your path to victory, but we must always remember that God always has a redemptive plan and He promises to bring us into fulfillment. Therefore, we cannot quit, but rather, we must press on and finish the process to completion. Before you quit reading because you don't want to "press on," please simply read on!

I realize that many of you reading this article are worn out. Let me explain the meaning of being worn out in this passage. The word "wear out" is a Greek word meaning (in a mental sense) "to afflict." Therefore, we can say that the enemy desires to attack our minds and wear us out in our minds or mentally. Most likely, you have been, as have I, rebuking a bombardment against your mind! The enemy has targeted our minds with fear, doubt, and unbelief concerning our future breakthroughs. Satan would desire that we not trust God and, therefore, commit apostasy.

The word "wear out" is rooted in another Greek word which means "to fail, to decay and possibly consume." Oh, my goodness! Think about this for a moment. The antichrist spirit seeks to attack our minds and consume our thoughts. It desires that we come into agreement with negativity and doubt. If we agree with the enemy, then he establishes a death structure over our lives and we become enslaved to him. Dear ones, we must rise up and dethrone satan from our thoughts and minds. He has maintained a seated position in our thoughts for far too long. We must arise, overthrow him, and cast him out of our thoughts and entire thinking processes.

How We Overthrow the Enemy of Our Minds

We are instructed to take every thought captive, right? Let's examine the following passage more closely, because it actually involves casting satan down from his lofty position in our thought patterns.

"Casting down imaginations, and every high thing that exalteth itself against the knowledge of God, and bringing into captivity every thought to the obedience of Christ..." 2 Corinthians 10:5

What imaginations are we casting down? We are casting down what satan "imagines" that he can do to us! Yes! Did you realize that before? To understand this further, we need to take a fresh look at Daniel 7:25 once more. It reads that not only will satan attempt to wear out the saints, but to "think" to change our times and laws. Satan "imagines" or "thinks" that he can stop you from achieving your season of breakthrough. Dear saints, the devil does not desire for you to cycle out of your wilderness. He is attempting to change God's Word--the written "law" and Godly "decree" that has been established for your future!

We are to cast down what satan is thinking. He has placed himself as a "high thing" and believes that his words about us have risen above what God has declared. Our part is to cast the devil and his vain imaginations down and bring our thoughts into captivity to agree with what Christ has done on the Cross for our redemption and victory!

For years, I read this passage differently. I applied so much pressure on my own ability to gain control over my thoughts, but I have now realized that satan has had a lot to do with this warfare. If I cast him out first, and bind up his negative words against me (words that are in my mind and belief system), then I am also casting down every word that he spoke that had exalted itself above what God declared.

I have condemned myself over and over for not being able to control certain thoughts and, finally, I have realized that the antichrist system is constantly at work to erect a false belief structure. My job is to recognize the work of antichrist and his system (false belief systems, old paradigms, past pain and trauma), then bind him and render his words helpless. I then plead the Blood of Jesus and declare His finished work in my life and mind. Only then am I empowered to develop the mind of Christ. Precious ones, once we realize this, we need no longer feel as failures because we struggle with gaining control of our thoughts. It is the devil--pure and simple. However, we must enter into spiritual warfare and bind satan and his powers that bombard us on a daily basis.

As you are probably aware, Job 41:34 describes satan as one who beholds every "high thing" and that he is the "king over all the children of pride." Dear ones, satan desires to become high and lifted up--above all of what God has declared for you. He is prideful and boastful in his attempts to cause us to bow down to him and believe his lies. (Remember, in Daniel 7 the antichrist spirit was boasting of his ability to wear out the saints). Saints of the Most High, we must rise up and resist him, casting him down from any assumed, exalted position over our lives. Job was describing leviathan, the "dragon" which works alongside the antichrist. When working together, they team up to bring confusion, witchcraft, and cause us to doubt God and His promises.

The Process

In Webster's Dictionary, a process is defined as "a systematic series of actions directed to some end: such as a process of homogenizing milk." The homogenized milk gives us a natural idea of what is needed to cause something to become usable and serve a purpose. It is the same with us. God allows us to become processed. In other words, He permits us to go through a series of actions to get us to an "end" or an "expected end." An expected end refers to our having a destiny and fulfilling it.

Webster's also refers to the "due process of law"; the due process of law is where spiritually we can appeal to the courts of Heaven to process our case before the Ancient of Days. What should we plead?

1. Plead the Blood of Jesus!

We have been bought with a great price--the Blood of Jesus. Because He has paid for our redemption, we can become healed and restored. If we are tired and weary, we can appeal to the Ancient of Days and remind Him of the blood covenant.

2. We can command our enemy to be dethroned from our thoughts and minds.

If satan has had a seated position, we can dethrone him today. He will attempt to change your season of breakthrough with thoughts of fear, doubt, and fears of failure. However, we have the mind of Christ (see 1 Corinthians 2:16). Put on the full armor and command the devil to leave!

3. Know that the Ancient of Days is back from the future!

In my recent book, Strategies from Heaven's Throne, I speak of God's ability to see our future and how He "comes back" to TODAY and encourages us to reach our potential. Dear ones, God knows that you have the seeds of destiny inside of you, and you are well able to take your mountain! Speak to the mountain that hinders your breakthrough and possess your future.

4. The Ancient of Days has a seated position over your circumstances and the "judgment is set" against your enemy! (See Daniel 7:26.) In other words, the enemy is already defeated! Once you take hold of this revelation, letting it permeate your belief system, you will arise and begin to shine!

Dear Believer, this process that you are experiencing is for the purpose of developing a "proceeding word." Jesus developed a proceeding word while in the wilderness. Remember? Satan was tempting Him and He said: "...It is written, 'Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceedeth out of the mouth of God'" (Matthew 4:4).

This is what we need today, that proceeding word. When we use this example, as Jesus did, our enemy is defeated. In fact, the Ancient of Days declared your victory before you were even born! So, come into agreement with what He has decreed and begin to declare your victory's a done deal in the courts of Heaven!

My prayer for you:

Father God, I know that You have chosen each of us for such a time as this. We are as Queen Esther, anointed to come forth in this time and season to issue Godly decrees against our enemy. I pray for each reader and ask that You empower them with Your Spirit of Might. I pray that we all develop the mind of Christ and that we are supernaturally empowered to cast down every imagination that satan has to defeat us or abort our destiny.

In the name of Jesus, I bind every opposing evil spirit which attempts to wear out the saints and thinks to change our times and seasons. I plead the Blood of Jesus over every reader, and I thank You for complete victory because of the victory at the Cross. We will continue to submit our lives and thoughts to the obedience of Christ and fulfill our destiny in total victory and agreement with His Word. Amen.

Sandie Freed

Zion Ministries



Sandie Freed co-labors with her husband, Mickey Freed, doing the work of the Lord as a ministry team. Together they serve as the Mid-Southern Regional Directors of the Christian International Network of Churches. In addition, Sandie is the Founder and Director of the School of the Prophets and Apostolic Training Center in Bedford, Texas.

Sandie has a passion to minister deliverance and life transformation to God's people. She is also known for her "cutting-edge" prophetic ministry in which she not only hears from the Lord through a powerful prophetic anointing, but also moves very strongly in word of knowledge and miracles. Sandie and Mickey Freed have been married since 1973, and have one daughter.

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