Signs And Wonders Tour - Russia


Russia has been powerful as we expected from the first meeting. Several people had growths from their feet disappear and many with pain in their legs and knees were jumping with no pain. Many other people were healed as well. They were yelling their testimonies from all over the building. We are in the theater that has been restored and is much larger than where we usually have the conference. The place is packed and people are standing around the walls. This is the largest crowds we have ever had here.

Pastor Maureen taught Friday and Saturday morning on faith and had many healings and deliverances in each meeting. The worship team has grown and the presence of the Lord is strong in each meeting. Saturday evening the power and presence of Jesus came in the room during worship. Most of us were on our knees and faces because of the weight of glory. The angel from Israel came behind me and put his arms around me and told me what to do. He said the hand of the Lord was stretched over the room for healing and signs and wonders. Through tears and being overwhelmed I shared what I saw and immediately miracles started. About 50 people came forward for deliverance and were set free quickly.

People yelled out their miracles – one man with skin disorder for 3 years had it removed immediately. Many received sight and were removing their glasses and seeing clearly. A man with a growth on his foot was now jumping as a lady had a lump disappear in her breast. Another woman had tumors removed instantly. Kidney problems were healed and so many others that I can’t recall at this moment. The miracles continued for over an hour and then a great celebration of worship erupted.

I received the annual conference offering and told them about the 100 fold plane event and they came and the offering was over 10,000.00. Pastor Sasha was shocked as were we. A $1000.00 a month income is large here and this was a great sacrificial offering and thanksgiving to the Lord. Two meetings Sunday are going to be powerful.

Sunday was powerful and many were healed of all kinds of problems. Crooked arms straightened, tumors disappeared, one man with a skin rash for 24 years that had caused him never to wear short sleeves was completely healed, and many other healings as well. About 40 people came to be delivered from drug, alcohol etc. It was a powerful time of deliverance. 15 people were saved at the Sunday morning meeting as well.  

Sunday afternoon was an impartation service and as always people were overcome by the power of the Holy Spirit. We prayed for everyone in the building and it was a time to remember.