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The first two meetings at Great Faith Church in Seoul were amazing. They have three floors packed with people and they are hungry for the Word and power of God. Hundreds have been healed in two meetings. Nerve damage, arms straightened that couldn’t move before, arm and shoulder problems healed and free mobility after years of pain, many eye problems healed, stomach problems, arthritis and so many more. They were healed immediately when we gave words of knowledge and came forward to testify. The Pastor was shocked as this was so easy and happened immediately.

We are preparing to leave soon for the first of two meetings today and there is great expectation for the thousands of people in these meetings. Great Faith is being demonstrated.

The afternoon meeting was charged with a calling for people into ministry. The front was packed with mostly young people saying here I am Lord send me. Waves of the Holy Spirit came upon them as we blessed them into His ministry.

The final meeting was an impartation service requested by the Pastor. The building was packed and everyone wanted impartation. There was no way to bring them forward because they barely have room to even stand from their seats. The security lead me through the crowd as people sat praying to receive. I prayed for everyone on two floors and they told me that I had laid hands on over 1800 people. The tangible presence of Jesus was all over the building and He imparted His power to Great Faith Church

A man was also healed of prostate problems in Busan. He felt something Saturday night and didn’t take his meds Sunday and didn’t have to continually go to the bathroom. The Pastor here last night read many testimonies from Busan. I ask him to have them translated and email them so I can put a report together. It is hard to remember because there are so many. Two Pastors from other Great Faith Churches traveled to be here in these meetings. They are so hungry and love the teaching and demonstration.

The power the Lord intensifies in each meeting. Ms Kim said she could hardly stand last night it was so strong. The first woman who gave testimony fell after she finished and rolled about 5 feet. It was very funny. I usually have a question of how the first meeting will go but last night far exceeded my expectations. I told them how the Russians respond and they had to go beyond them and also that the Russians are praying for them. That seemed to spark them to receive and they did almost immediately when the words were spoken.

The reports are following from one city to the next. I was surprised when Pastor had 3 pages of testimonies he read before I spoke of what happened in the last city.

The first meeting tonight was amazing. People were healed immediately from just a couple of words of knowledge. Over half the people were healed in the first hand showing. One woman had spots in front of her eyes disappear. Many knees problems from accidents healed. One lady had surgery on both knees and they removed something that made her knees pop when she bent down but she is now fine and no popping. A woman with Parkinson disease felt a power go through her head. She could not stand with out assistance and was always shaking. She walked forward by herself and stood straight and firm by herself as she testified with no shaking. She then went on her tiptoes and said I could not do this. She then started jumping and shouting praises as she jumped around the room healed. What an amazing sight.

Great Faith Church Gwangju Korea

Tonight was the best so far with people being healed immediately. We had 5 legs grow. I gave the word and people started coming forward so we arranged chairs and I had a young girl hold the legs and they grey immediately. One woman had her left leg short from polio when she was a child. When her keg grew she was shocked and then stood and started running and then came and gave me a big hug. The other legs grew immediately as well and the Church filled with faith. This is a smaller building but there was no room left anywhere. Many others came and testified as soon as I gave the words. Back, chest, shoulder problems healed as people moved in faith. This was the fastest and easiest. Afterward the Pastor said he had never seen anything that easy with healing and he has to change his paradigm. He and his wife are really excited and were on the edge of their seats as I preached.

Healing testimonies from Great Faith Churches

Daegu Church - Cured from Parkinson’s disease!

I felt ill, around February 2008. So I went to see a doctor and took MRI scan and was diagnosed as Parkinson’s disease. Then I had started taking pills over 2years, but didn't get better. Instead I felt my body was getting stiffer. Because of the disease, my toes are twisted and had to put kind of silicon between toes to walk. But it was really hard to walk and could not bend the back.  In the Conference, I felt the presence of God during the worship and was very peaceful. I love worshiping God and would like to clap hands but I couldn't because of the disease before. But in this conference, I clapped my hands but didn't hurt at all. When the pastor started to heal, I felt that Holy Spirit touched me all over my body.  With the presence of God, I didn't feel any pain In my toes and the back was straightened. When I walk to the front in order to testimony, I didn't put any silicone between my toes and feel very comfortable.

Busan Church – Blind, Partially Paralyzed Woman Sees and Runs!

It was too easy. Thank God healing my mom's eyes. (The First day) My mom was suffered from diabetics and lost her sight. She took surgery and treatment but still couldn't see very clearly. Everything was blurred and barely see the shape of the objects. But God healed her.  When the pastor declared the word of knowledge that God is restoring the sight, my mom stood up saying, "My eyes" and expected that God would heal her.   With her faith, she stood up and put her hands on the eyes, and waited. Then, a little later, she said, "I can see, I can see!!, I can see that person, and this person's nose, and uh .. I can see the person over there!!!" She was shouting as if she saw the world for the first time. She was so happy.

The Second day My mom sometimes complained that she wanted to weep in the church thinking of God, but couldn't. But when the conference started at night, she said, "I am blurred with tears, I don't know why tears are flowing. I was sure that the presence of God was covering my mom and told her to pray. A little later, the conference started and she felt heaviness on her shoulder. Mom said she felt some kind of pain and twisted her body.  When the pastor declared that the Lord will heal arthritis, mom stood up and walked here and there and ran.

If somebody who knows my mom, she or he would be very surprised seeing this. I was very surprised, too. Mom become paralyzed at the right side because of the stroke last year and could not walk nor go to the bathroom unless someone helps her. Praise the Lord!! I walked and ran and praised. She also had a small lump around her neck but it disappeared.

Her distorted face because of the stroke is now getting back to normal. At home she ran around the living room with JOY and showed every family member that how God loves her. And she said, "It was too easy, I didn't do anything. It's amazing! Jesus loves me so much." She kept smiling!! Praise the Lord that loves my mom so much!!

My short right leg became longer!

My left pelvis and waist were always painful, and when it rained, only the left side of my pants would get soaked. I didn’t know why then. However, at the prayer meeting today, the minister told people with unpaired legs to come forward to be healed. He further told me that even those with painful waists should come, because the pain might also be because of unpaired legs. When I went forward, I finally realized that my right leg was indeed a bit shorter than the right leg. Then I could see with my both eyes that the length of my right leg was becoming equal to the left. Moreover, even the pain in my neck vanished at once!

Thank you, God! Praised and worshipped be thou! Hallelujah, Amen!

The Lord Has Cured My Squint Left Eye!

It has been more than 25 years since I began to wear glasses. Meanwhile, my eyesight became increasingly poor and I even came to have astigmatism. As a result, the pupil of my left eye began to slant from its proper place. Because of that, I suffered from tremendous stress, and also lost confidence when I faced others. Assuming that my eye cannot be healed, I simply gave up the hope for cure and sadly carried my life on. Thanks to my glasses, most people didn’t see my problem, but I continued to suffer because of my left eye. However, at a prayer meeting on June 17th, Rev. Jan Sanger explained the gifts of knowledge, and said “God is healing those with squint.” At that moment, I felt that he was speaking right to me, and so I went forward to him. When he told me to stand up with faith, I felt strong presence of our Lord, and I had a fiery feeling in my eyes?  I knew that my eyes were being healed. When I came home after the assembly, I stood in front of a mirror to see if my eye really returned to its proper place. Then I was astonished to see that it did return! I was so surprised and happy that tears came out from my eyes. Then my mother asked me, “Are you laughing or crying?” Because of that, my face was mixed with tears and laughter. I heartily thank my Lord for curing my eye. I give all this glory to Him.

I Am Healed From A Twisted Pelvis and A Oddly Short Leg!

Even now my heart is beating fast and I'm trembling! The lord gave me a healing! I got a scar of my right hip and i didn't be healed right away, and I struggle with it for about 10 years. I had it when I was 7 years old, and since then I always have that scar and the pus came out of it. That pus caused another scar, and the pus came out of it too.

And I didn't know the actual reason but I couldn't sit normal as another people. After the marriage I got pregnant so I went to a woman's hospital. and the doctor said my pelvis is too twisted so that i couldn't give birth in the normal way. I couldn't believe that so I went to about five another hospital but every doctor said same thing. So I gave birth to my two children through surgery.

And time after time my leg became worse so that I couldn't walk normally. And it get's worse and worse as I get aged.  But in today's meeting of pastor John Sanger, the Lord gave a healing!! Now my pelvis is fine, and my back pain is totally gone!  And my oddly short right leg had grown and my two legs are EVEN!  When I came back home, I told my children that I got healed, and I walked before them, they celebrated me with great Joy!  Even now my heart is beating.

I praise the Lord that he really dwells in us, and makes us perfect!  Thank you Lord! You are my Life and ALL in ALL!

Now I Can Hear With My Left Ear and My Right Leg Has Grown!

When I was little I had a bad chronic otitis media and my left ear became nearly deaf, but when the meeting was going on I constantly felt a cool breeze blows into my left ear, and I found out that my left year has completely healed!! and my right leg was I centimeter shorter then my left leg. so my right shoulder was lower then my left shoulder. Because of this I couldn't carry the bag on my right side and I always had the back pain. And also I had a pain when I use the stair. After I found out my back pain was gone, I went back home and checked my leg's length. It was EVEN!! and my clavicle became straight!!! I give thanks to the lord for this amazing healing!!!

I'm Cured From My Chronic Diseases!

Thanks God! I have been taking care of patients as a physician and just attended the Dr. John Sanger Conference. Since last week, I have got a sore throat and gradually got a stuffy, runny nose and coughing. I thought to myself, "This happens again."  Once or twice a year, I have suffered from a stuffy nose, headache, and coughing because of my allergic rhinitis and sinus infection. Whenever it happens, I wrote myself a prescription of the disease and after administering antibiotics, my symptoms were getting better. I just applied my prescriptions to the patients in the same way.

But my prescriptions and antibiotic cure began to face restrictions because they are just partly treatment. I thought it was not getting under the control. I repented my the lack of faith because I just depended on not God but the medicine. I just attend this conference expecting God would heal me. In the conference, while listening to the message, I felt stuffiness in my nose and cough continuously. I thought I am bothering people who tried to concentrate to the sermon. When the pastor started to declare the word of knowledge, I would seen this kind of declaration several times before. So it was not uncomfortable seeing it. Pastor told about different diseases and then he said there's someone who has suffered from allergic rhinitis and sinus infection for a long time and God wanted to touch that person. When I heard that my stuffy nose was cured right away and breath freely and stopped coughing. The Pastor was exactly describing my situation, and when he declared, I was so sure that I'm cured from my chronic diseases by faith. (Other conferences, the speaker also mentioned about the allergic rhinitis, but I didn't think that it was about me.) So, I went to the front to testimony with gratefulness. I surely felt that God was touching me and healing all my diseases. When I got home, I declared that God would heal my children who are suffering the same disease, allergic rhinitis and sinus infection. Thank God and praise what you have done to me.

Everything was happened two days ago and I wanted to tell you about how I am now. I was hesitated whether to stop taking pills or not because there's a little bit of symptoms. But even I took pills, it didn't work at all. Now God touched me and stopped coughing and no more stuffy nose on me. So I decided that I will not take pills and believe that God will get rid of remained symptoms. I believe that God sometimes heal the disease instantly, or heal gradually.

Healed From Severe Jaw Pain!

I have heard the sound of "Tak""Tak" in my jaw every time I opened my mouth wide for about 10 years. At first, it was not serious. But as the time passed by, the pain in my jaw has been getting worse. I thought the symptom in my jaw was unusual, so I have never heard the word of knowledge like "a person who has a sounding jaw is now experiencing healing" at Dr. John Sanger healing ministry time at Kwangju Great Faith Church Conference.

Immediately after the proclaim of the word of knowledge, I experienced strong faith springing up inside me and felt sure that "this word is mine" and at the same time I began opening my mouth wide. In the end, the sound of jaw and severe pain totally disappeared.  I was just envious of people who recovered from the disease at the every healing conference. And All I could do was just clapping. It's amazing and thankful for me to be instantly cured of a serious and unusual illness from God. Tomorrow I'm looking forward to experiencing another miracle from God. I strongly believe my eyesight would also be getting better. Thanks God!

Healed From Squint Eye!

I’ve been wearing glasses over 25 years. During those times, my eye sight was getting worse and astigmatism was getting seriously bad. In the meantime, my left eye started to squint and had a trouble of focusing.  Due to this phenomenon, I’ve got stressed a lot and found many others staring at me in a strange look. Since then, I lost self confidence and thought this disease is incurable one. When I wore glasses, then people hardly noticed this problem but still it remained as a sorrow burden in me.

However, when Pastor John proclaimed word of knowledge saying “God is healing squint eye!”, then I felt it was for me so I took the word of knowledge by faith. When the pastor asked people who got healed to stand up by faith, I stood up and I felt the presence of God strongly. And I felt a fire on my eye, so I realized God is healing me. After the service, I came home and looked a mirror to check whether it was cured, I was so surprised to see my left eye was back into the normal position! I even broke out tears out of joy! Look me crying, my mom joked, “Are you crying or laughing?”

Thank God for healing my squint eye and give all the glory to him!!!!

Healed Serious Pain in Abdominal Region!

Since last November last year, I started to feel pain in abdominal region. The pain is growing so much that I couldn’t carry out my daily life. When I started to feel a sort of lump in there, the pain was getting worse. Many days, I felt a great pain so I had to bend my back like a shrimp while walking. I couldn’t run or even hardly walk. I’ve visited many famous hospitals, but the doctors couldn’t figure out the reason. To figure it out, I’ve checked CT scan in abdominal region, but it turned out nothing wrong.

My heart was only looking into God’s help. In the mean time, I’ve got a prophetic word, and it says that God will heal the weak part of my body so I will have a testimony in front of church members. And this prophecy accomplished during today’s evening service! When Pastor John proclaimed a word of knowledge saying ‘a person who had been sick in abdominal part for the last 6 months will be healed, I felt it was for me and cried because of the love of God….! Like the prophetic word, God healed me by the fire of Holy Spirit! I glorify the Lord Almighty God who healed me!!!!

New Eardrums!

Hallelujah~!!! Thank God for healing me!!!

When I was young, I’ve gone through a serious tympanitis so I had a little ear drums remained. I could hear the sound normally, but I couldn’t swim. Because normal ear drums can block waters coming into the body, but my ear drums couldn’t do this function. Even when I take a shower, I have to be very cautious that waters don’t enter into my ears. When my ears soaked in waters, then I became totally blank in my brain and hard to think of anything. Even I felt that I had auditory hallucination then. It took more than 10days to get recovered.

However, through yesterday evening service, Pastor John proclaimed a word of knowledge and one lady put her hands on my ears and prayed. At that time, something warm feelings surrounded my ears. Then, with a bit tickled feeling, something was getting filled inside. I received a brand new ear drums! Now I can enjoy swimming without any worry. Not only in a natural waters, but also in the rivers of Holy Spirit, I delightedly want to stay and get soaked in to it for long until my all secular thought get washed away and filled with only Jesus Christ.